Monday, April 19, 2010

Two For One

Oswald Cuties has recently started a photography meme for those of us that sometimes just want something easy and simple to do on a Monday. This week's theme is collages.
Last week I also received the Happy 101 award from Jordan at Mean Mom Academy and Mandy from Suburban Stereotype thanks so much ladies!! You should check out both of their great blogs! With this award you are supposed to list ten things that make you smile or happy. (kind of like my Ten Things To Smile About that I do each month) Jordan, for her list used pictures to make a collage, so hey; why not kill two birds with one stone?So here are ten things that make me happy presented in a collage; all are pictures I took.
1. Sunsets
2. Flowers
3. Getting lost in a good book
4. Seeing my kids accomplish something new or hard
5. My faith and religion
6. Chocolate
7. When my kids get along and play nicely together
8. Taking pictures
9. My family
10. Beautiful weather that we can eat dinner outside

And now I would like to pass the Happy 101 award on to (and no you don't have to do a picture collage):

-T. J at Any Given Moment
-Molly at The Snyder Five
-Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss
-Jenners at Life with Little Ones and More
-Lourie at CA Girl
-Heather at the Oswald Cuties
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-Hippie Mom at Hippie Mom
-Em- At Emilisq

So check out these great blogs... and there are so many others that I love too that I could have given this award to but I just had to stop somewhere or I would never get this post finished.

And this Month's Ten Things to Smile About will be posted a week from tomorrow on Tuesday the 25th; so get your lists ready and come back and link up with Mr. Linkey


  1. Am I first!? Now that IS a first! COngratulations! And I love your collage. It is so very you. Thanks for thinking of me. :*

  2. Hehe, I enjoyed reading your 10 things!!! Congrats on the award!

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. Oh my, thank you! That is so sweet of you! Made me smile (the the midst of handing out popsicles and taking temperatures today). And I couldn't agree more on your #7 point! Well all of them, but that is a huge one for me.

  4. Congratulations on the award and aw gee, thank you so much for passing it on to me!! That was so sweet of you. I will have to come back later and check out all the other lovely lady's sites. Thanks for making my day, Emmy!

  5. Congrats on your award! Great collage! :)

  6. Somehow in that entire post all I saw was chocolate and french fries

  7. Congras! Great picture collage! But the chocolate made me a little snacky, lol

  8. It's so fun to get to know people better. The San Deigo temple is so gorgeous isn't it? My hubby and I went to cal. on our honeymoon. We went to the temple one day--I fell in love.

    I hear ya about chocolate--and getting lost in a good book. Any suggestions? I need another one! :)

  9. I always love your pictures!

    The corndog and french fries pic is making me hungry!!

  10. Congrats! Very creative collage, great tie in with the award!

  11. oops! I forgot to say Thanks for linking up and THANKS so much for the award! I just decided to copy your post when I link up and thank you next week (4/25) (that's my anniversary)

  12. Good grief! Did that comment make any sense? I typed up about a million word comment that looks like it didn't post. This should have been BEFORE my previous comment:
    What a great idea for a collage! I am ALL FOR killing two birds with one stone! Two things that stuck out (to me) in your collage: Is that the San Diego temple? San Diego is our fave place to vacation and I always remember passing the temple on the freeway. Also,the fry sauce on the dinner plate. I LOVE fry sauce!

  13. Wow! All FABULOUS shots! Your photography is fantastic...Thanks for sharing!.. and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. LOVE the shot of your two kiddos -- #7 -- so cute!

  15. I love love love your collage! And thanks for thinking of my blog ... and I may take you up on doing the photo collage ...that looks like fun!

  16. Congrats on your awards! And thanks for thinking of me! I feel so honored!! :)

    I love your collage! Too cute!

  17. The happy things presented in collage form is beautiful. Happy awards and thanks!