Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recap and pictures!

Sometimes I sit here feeling like what else did I use to blog about besides the baby...This is my life right now. I know someday things will be back to some sort of normal but it is just so hard to see that right now. It is like some weird other universe. I spent the morning with my little guy. I first went into the NICU and just sat there almost wondering what should I do. He was sleeping very peacefully as they had recently just sedated him a bit for an echo... As he is a fighter and when he gets mad his oxygen levels like to jump all over the place.

But then I got to take his temperature and change his diaper... A kind of tricky thing to do through the two holes in the side of his bed... Oh and he is all boy, he peed while I was changing him of course. And then I just got to hold him and try and nurse him. Holding him for that time made it so much more real. As I looked down at how perfectly his little body fit in my arms he didn't seem so little anymore...though he truly is.

My sister-in-law Rachel took some beautiful pictures of Ryder the other day. You can see them on her blog here.

And I am working around some blogger kinks and actually able to add this picture too.
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This was from Lucas and Alex's first visit to their brother.


  1. So nice that they put that little hat on him for their visit. He looks so darling and they both do too. Three kids. I have to pinch myself!

    May every day be better than the last. Oh, and you can talk baby as much as you'd like! ;) We'll never tire of it!

  2. I second what Rachel says! It is your world right now. And we want to share it with you.

    Lucas and Alex look very happy. I bet they have tons of questions.

  3. I was away for the weekend and just catching up and I'm so relieved to see he is here safely and you all seem to be doing so well. I know it was a horrible week but hopefully things are looking up now. He is adorable and it seems like he is doing fantastic! Take care of yourself ... and I love hearing that he is very feisty already! That is good news I think!

  4. Wow...I just read your last few posts and got caught up. You have a LOT going on! Ryder is just beyond precious. What a sweet, sweet baby you have. I'm so glad he seems to be doing well and is a feisty little guy. I'm praying for you!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! Awesome picture of your THREE kiddos! :)

  6. Not sure why I thought you were in Missouri on vacation. Maybe cause I'm crazy but anyway I'm up here in Logan. Do you need anything? Colby has an appointment down at Primary Childrens on Friday. I don't know where you are at but please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I know how bad hospitals suck! But that's cause I lived at Primaries for 3 months. Make sure (I wish someone had told me this) to write stuff down every day so you can look back on it when he leaves. Even just the routine stuff like which nurse you liked best and which tv show you couldn't stand. I lost a notebook I had during that time and I wish I had it now. I still after almost three years post stroke know that magazines are delivered to the gift shop on Tuesday. Random things like that are some of the memories I have.It feels like ground hog day when you are stuck there but you will forget when you look back on it if you don't write it down. Okay enough rambling but I really do hope if you need something you would let me know.

  7. Ryder is adorable, and I am glad to hear both he and you are doing well. Before you know it all of you will be back home in CA.
    BTW I was looking at your sister in laws blog and her husband looked very familiar. So I asked my husband and ya both he and Rachel were in our singles ward at BYU. They probably wouldn't remember me so much as they would remember Doug. He was a bit more social then me. ;)Small world.

  8. That picture is absolutely adorable!

    When you get a few minutes to catch your breath, I have a few awards for you on my blog! You totally deserve them!

    Take care!

  9. He is a beautiful babe. He is in our prayers to grow strong and healthy. Take care of yourself and your little ones.

  10. coming back from Rache;'s now- he is such a sweet, perfect little guy!!!

    Rest up! XOXO

  11. He looks so pink and beautiful! I never would have guessed he was so premature. Have the kids held him yet?

  12. They look so happy for their little brother. And I am glad you are doing well. NICU is hard on the mom, I think. I hope you get to take him home soon, and I hope things are okay with Eric's work.