Monday, June 14, 2010

The Feeding Tube (1 month)

1 month ago, 8 weeks early, 700 miles from home you were born
I didn't know what to expect, what was going to happen.
I saw you for the first time in your incubator with so many tubes, so many wires.
There was the IV, the oxygen, 3 different sensors on your chest, the oxygen sensor on your foot that made it glow red, and the bright orange feeding tube...

One by one these tubes came out...
day by day you grew strong and bigger
But the feeding tube remained.
'Once he learns how to eat he can go home.'
That is what we were told, that was the only thing holding you back...
that bright orange tube.

We would try, you would try....
it just didn't seem like it would ever really happen

But then one day the light bulb went worked!
And it worked again and again and suddenly you were ready to be discharged.

We were done with that bright orange tube.

And now 1 month later you lay here in my lap..
already in a rush, here too early
but my perfect little guy.

I am submitting this photo for the iHeartfaces contest as though it might not be perfect photographically it will always mean so much to me.

I am also linking up with Monday Mugs, as her site is just awesome.


  1. I cannot believe he's already one month old. WOW!

    Do more photoshoots of him! ;)

  2. What a beatiful boy and a lovely poem.

  3. I think it is perfect in that it captures the moment and your words seal the deal.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! What a perfect little guy!

  5. That picture is adorable. The little smirk on his face! It always amazed me that my guys were SO small and early but they looked perfect. I guess I didn't expect them to look "done" because they weren't supposed to be done cooking!

  6. this month has flown! I think the picture is absolutely perfect for today :)

  7. he is just so so so soooooooo so so so cute.

  8. It is really hard to look so adorable with a feeding tube but he manages to do it. He looks like he is a wise old man smiling at a joke!

  9. Such a precious little guy! I'm so glad he's home and he's eating well:)

  10. What a relief to be done with that tube! And have him home in your arms... I think his life will be cherished just a little more. Not more than your other kids, but more than it would have. Okay, that is coming out all wrong, but what a blessing he is for your family, I can already tell, and what a huge impact he has already had on you all. What a lucky guy to belong to your family!

  11. Awww...He is so cute! What is it like having a cute little Ryder like that? You're Awesome! Ryeder is cute!