Monday, June 28, 2010


What is a Best Friend? This week Lourie on her Metabolism Blues blog is asking us to tell about our best friend.

A best friend is someone you can totally trust. A best friend is someone you can exchange a quick glance and have an entire conversation with in that glance. A best friend is someone you can tell about your darkest days to and know that they will still love you. A best friend is someone would drop anything and everything for you if it was really needed. And a best friend is someone that you would do all of these things back with.

In elementary school friendships are formed because of location. My best friend in elementary school lived two doors down. We went to the mall together for the first time-without parents. We checked out the food court, we checked out Claire's and we checked out Walgreen's (I had have this thing with school pens and pencils). We even went out to lunch just the two of us to a sit down restaurant (a glorified Denny's). I remember she brought a little cheat sheet that told how much we should tip our waitress since we were on our own. I thought we would always be best friends, but then she moved to the other side of town and we went to junior high. We kept in touch for a while but then we just both seemed to move our separate ways.

As you get older location doesn't matter as much and it is more common interests. In high school I had a couple of best friends. I had my best friend at school who hated me the first two years of high school and I had my best friend from church, the drop dead gorgeous girl who all the boys only dreamed of dating, who I hated when I first met. (Jealously can be a funny thing) My friend from school is actually pretty much the only person who I went to school with that I kept in touch with, well until facebook that is. While in high school she and I were both the slacker seniors who were only in concert band (instead of the upper band), we always were the girls dating the much older guys and we just had a lot of fun together.

My freshmen year of college I had a crush on a boy and well so did this other girl Allie. I didn't like Allie, you can't fraternize with the enemies competition, and well I didn't like Allie's roommate Amy.. because she was her roommate and I knew they must be plotting against me.

This crush soon faded, the boy was a bit of a jerk... and then I started to realize that Amy was really awesome. Amy quickly became my best friend in college. We had another great friend Bethany that was soon along for the ride in our crazy ways. Amy and I.. well we were both boy crazy and both just a bit crazy. Our nickname, the pajama runners.... why this name? It started one crazy night where we were bored and had been riding up and down the elevator of our dorm in our pajamas... then we decided to go out for a run, in one lobby door out the other of all the dorms in our complex. It was silly, it was immature, but it was a lot of fun.
Amy and I (we reunited in Utah last month)

Sophomore year Amy and I were roommates, but well she was soon feeling a bit left out as another best friend started to come into the picture, a guy we will call Eric (since that is his name). Eric and I met and began dating and soon I was in love and only had eyes for him. Amy once told me she was mad that I was spending all of my time with Eric and I remember feeling bad, but not bad enough to do anything about it. (She later apologized for being mad when her new roommate was mad at her for only wanting to spend time with her then fiancee)

I am so grateful that Eric is my best friend especially since we move a lot. With our moves friend come and go. As you become a mom then it often is the other mom's with kids your age who become your friends... but sometimes one of those mom's like my good friend Monica become someone who becomes the special friend who you can and do share everything with.

When it was time for us to move yet again, I knew this move would be a little harder as I was leaving lots of good friends in Mesa, including Monica. We were moving to Southern California and we heard that Eric's cousin and aunt lived in the same town we were moving to.

I don't remember when we first got together with Eric's cousin, it was probably for a family dinner when Eric's parents were in town or maybe they invited us for dinner.. but there was an instant click and instant best friendship with our son's that is. So we got together again so the boys could play and then soon we were arranging play dates so not only could the boys play but so we could "play" too. Who is this friend, well it is Lourie, who asked us to write about our friends. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know her and love having our play-dates now. I know she would be there for me if there was anything I needed and thinks she know that I would do the same just for her.

Who is your best friend?


  1. Awww... good memories! Did I really bring a cheat sheet for tipping? Totally sounds like something I would do!! :) So glad to hear that no matter where life has taken you, God has give you good friends to lean on!

  2. Nice post. It's so great to have friends. Lindsey was my longest and truest best friend, though I haven't seen her much in the past 8 years or so. Moving has made it difficult in the past few years, but it sure is nice to have a great hubby!

  3. I so would have gone on a PJ run with you! Hahaha. That is a great story. This is a wonderful post. And thank you.

  4. That is exactly how all my friendships formed through school. Except I didn't go to college for very long! I have always been really good friends with my cousins.

  5. I can totally relate to the crazy shaninigans from college/dorm days! Yes, friends come and go with life changes, but the memories are always there.

  6. For me, a best friend is one who can you pick up with after a long absence without one drop of awkwardness or weirdness.

    And I do think you are right about becoming friends with the moms your kids are friends with ... I'm finding that happening already.

  7. Trey and I just had this talk this past weekend. About friends coming and going. The little girls next door are about to move out of town, and boy is he broken up about it. They've been his best friends (thanks to location) for the past 4 1/2 years.

  8. Friends come and go especially for those of us who move often. I am grateful for things like FB and blogging that keep us connected with the old friends while we make new ones.

    My best friend from 7 th grade on is becky, we don't get to spend as much time together any more due to where I live but she is still a charished friend. Now days I must say my best friend is my husband. He keeps taking me along when he moves.

  9. I agree that friendships evolve over time. Some of my friends have been my friends since I was 5 years old. Roon is my ultimate best friend, because I know he'll always be there, but I also have a female best friend for those times when Roon just doesn't know what to do. He can send me over to her house, and know that I will be coming home "normal".

  10. It's so wonderful to have a friend like that!!!! I've moved too much to have anyone get that close. I kinda wall myself off because I've cried when moving in the past. Now I try to protect my emotions by not getting too close.