Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little Feature

Since I am stuck at home, I have been doing more online shopping. One of my favorite new places to browse and look around is the CSN stores. Lately I have been looking for a lamp since my kids, well they broke my favorite living room lamp.

Since I am a photographer the lighting in a room is very important to me.

So I would love to get something like thisor how fun is thisOr this one I could maybe use to create some interesting light in my photo shoots
So while I am browsing around for some lighting, head on over to CA Girl's Point and Shoot blog. I am being featured today with some tips on photography.

Disclaimer: I truly do like browsing and shopping on the CSN sites. I am going to receive a product to review for compensation for writing this post. And my kids really did break my favorite lamp.


  1. Those are cute and I broke my own lamp, so I should look too!

  2. I really like this paper lamp at IKEA, but as you can imagine, I probably won't be getting it for years. Toddlers and paper lamps . . . :)

    loved your feature too!

  3. CSN is such a great store, isn't it? Or stores... I have not quite figured out how it all works. I hope the lamp you get is perfect for your photos.

  4. I agree that natural lighting in photography always tends to make the subject look better.

    Stumbled here via Cheeseboy.

  5. Left an award on my blog for you today! :)

  6. LOL! I should have come here first! I didn't remember if I told you it was point and shoot or not. Hahaha.

    Love those lamps! I need some new ones too. I had three lamps, now I have one and it is not doing well.

  7. I bought my new crib bedding from them and got the greatest deal!

  8. Funny - We just barely bought that same exact top light.

  9. Is that what you have to do to review something from CSN? I have seen so many blogs with free things to review from CSN. I want to!