Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One more Thing

First things first, I almost forgot to draw a winner for the Plenitful Pantry giveaway, after taking out the few entries that didn't count and going to random.org the winner is
Sonya from A Day in the Life. So congrats! Sonya please email me at emmy (at) emmymom2 (dot) com so I can get Plentiful Pantries your mailing address...

And now back to my post:

How come on the days you are the busiest something else is added on?

Yesterday when I had a very long list, I decided to add taking Alex to the doctor.

You see last week she and Lucas decided it would be a good idea to sword fight with pencils, unsharpened pencils-I am not that bad of a mom.

Actually, I didn't like the idea at all and when I saw them running into the living room both wielding pencils, I hollered after them, "what are you two doing?" to which I got the reply of Alex screaming and crying as Lucas jabbed her right next to the mouth.

Needless to say, mama bear came out.

So all weekend Alex had this nasty red spot next to her mouth which wasn't getting better and just looked more and more suspicious. So today I took her to the doctor. We got to sit in the overly crowded germ infested waiting room; I wanted to tell my kids not to breath. When it was finally our turn, my suspicion was confirmed a staph infection. And did I mention that this week is my little sister's wedding and my entire family is going to be together for the first time in... well probably ten years and so we are getting a picture taken, not to mention all of the wedding pictures.
So here is hoping that the medicine she now has for it clears it up fast! I'm not the one taking the pictures, other wise I could totally just photoshop it. But I don't work on or steal other people's pictures, so not cool. Sorry- getting on my pedestal for a minute, today I saw someone on facebook who's profiles picture is a picture they stole from a photographer. How do I know they stole it? The watermarks all across their face make it pretty obvious... and the sides of the computer screen that show in the picture as they literally look a picture of their online gallery also make it obvious.

So here's hoping for a miracle or a really good band aid.

Today I am off to my cousins to take picture of her precious brand new baby. Here's hoping I don't get peed on.


  1. What a day! I hope that it goes up from here on out.

    Alex looks so stinking cute!!! Here's another hope and prayer that her owie will at least diminish in size.

    As long the camera doesn't get peed on.

  2. You are one busy mama! I hope Alex's owie gets better quick. I think stuff like that makes improvements pretty fast! Can't wait to see the photos . . .

  3. brennan peed right through his diaper so we added baths this morning for both kids. plus me. all showered by 9:15am. had no idea it was even possible to have three people showered and dressed that early.

  4. Ouch. Poor Alex. Though she looks happy and cute in her costume!!

    I fell off the monkey bars at school the day before my brother's wedding. I had a concussion and a big, huge scratch/owie next to my eye. The photographer was great and always had me standing the other way so you couldn't see it. LOL

  5. Oh man - poor Alex. It's only Tues so fingers crossed that her face heals quickly and beautifully. Even w the owie she is awfully cute in that costume.

  6. Sorry a out the infection, we just had one and it cleared up quick with meds. Enjoy your photo shoot.

  7. Sword fights never end well...Her costume is adorable though!

  8. We're still trying to figure out what our kids are going to be for Halloween. Yup, I'm a little behind.
    Yikes! I never knew getting stabbed with an unsharpened pencil could cause a staph infection!
    Now I'm wondering what else could do it too...

  9. 99% sure you WILL get peed on! I am sure they pictures will be well worth it though!

    Not gonna lie... I took pictures of my computer screen.... only because Disney wants $12.00 flipping bucks for a DIGITAL COPY of ONE picture!!!! I mean, really? Ok, enough!

    I bet if you talked with the photographer they would edit that boo boo right out! I know they would totally understand! You should ask!

  10. I hate when I get jabbed in the mouth with a pencil and end up getting a staph infection. Seems like it happens monthly.

    Glad she is doing better.

  11. Of course things like this happen when we are busy. Go figure.

    Hope that it clears up quickly! She is adorable!

  12. Cute costume!

    I've never heard of such a weird thing happening! I wouldn't have noticed the owie if you hadn't pointed it out so I'm sure the pics will be fine. You could probably ask the photographer to edit it out, too-in fact, they may just do it anyway, if they notice it..

  13. She looks really cute. And in the photo, you can't really see it with her cute dimples. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

    And so not cool stealing other people's photos.

  14. I too have never heard of that happening before. Well, I hope the meds help.

    Way cute cowgirl costume. Does she like Jessie from Toy Story?

  15. Those nasty owies come at the worst times. She looks adorable in her costume!

  16. Wow, staph. So not fun. I hope it clears up before the wedding. And what a darling cowgirl she is going to be!

  17. Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

  18. Oh no! I hope she heals quickly, but to tell the truth I didn't really notice it...maybe I'm not looking that closely (?)

    And yes, she looks stinkin' cute in her halloween costume...giddy up cowgirl - yeehaw!

  19. I was so excited to see her costume...One of the puppets she is getting for Christmas (Shhh...) has a pink cowboy hat too. Now is that ever going to be fun!