Thursday, November 4, 2010

Muffin Top Be Gone!

It has been way too long since I have checked in on my Journey from Muffin Top with Shortmama.
Part of my original goal was to make it so I did not have to wear any kind of slimming garment with my bridesmaids dress for my little sister's wedding. Well I am happy to say, while I was not anywhere near perfect I did not wear any sort of slimming garment! Sadly I don't have any pictures of me in my dress, yet at least, I haven't seen the photographer's wedding pictures yet. But I will show you whenever I get one.

Since joining up with Shortmama I have been much more diligent at thinking about what I am eating... not always adjusting what I am eating, but I feel a little guilty at least when I put that piece of candy in my mouth. I have done a lot better increasing my water intake.

In regards to exercise... well..... cricket cricket. Oh wait I have started doing something, every Wednesday I am doing Zumba! I drug Lourie (CA Girl) along last week and she happily went back with me this week.

I have learned a few things from Zumba.
1) I used to think I could dance-this class makes me feel very white
2) It is not a good idea to eat dinner only 45 minutes before the class starts
3) It is really not a good idea to stuff a cookie into your mouth right before you leave for the class--you will be tasting it the last ten minutes of class.
4) It is a lot of fun and the more I go, the more I am loosening up and getting my grove on

And while I am not there yet, this progress has lead to 5 lbs of weight loss!

If you need that extra motivation or help to lose that muffin top head over to Shortmama's and join up.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. That is awesome!! I so want to take a zumba class with a friend. I need to find a friend willing to do it first!

  2. 5 pounds is a big deal! On small frames it is a noticeable drop! Way to go! I can't force myself to do Zumba. I get embarrassed easily so that class would not be good for me! I hope you continue to do well! I go through spurts of "bad decisions". I will get bad about having some candy (or cookie dough... whatever...) and then a few days go by and I go "what am I doing!" and i get back on track! Don't feel bad if you feel yourself having to get back on the wagon. It takes lots of time to change habits, especially bad delicious ones!

  3. I've dropped 11 pounds now in 6 weeks, but seriously, the muffin top is overflowing!

    Way to go, Emmy. I've never taken a zumba class, but I'm the queen of aerobic classes ;)

  4. I love Zumba but it does make me feel like a dork. I just wish I could get the head whipping down!

  5. Five pounds is so awesome Emily! I only talk about how I should be better and never do a thing. I've probably gained weight the last few weeks! Aaaahh! You are once again inspiring me!

  6. 5 lbs??? You only have a couple more!!! Good job!

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss! It sounds like you and I have the same love/hate relationship with exercise. I am glad to hear that you found something you enjoy that works for you.

    I'm just getting started on this journey and am stopping by from Shortmama's to say hi!

    Have a blessed day!

  8. Five pounds! WOWERS! You rock! And thank you for "dragging" me along. haha.

  9. The same crickets chirp when I talk about exercise...My motivation just isnt there yet!

  10. That is so exciting to make progress. I hope it has left you feeling great!!! I'm a huge advocat for not depriving myself of anything. Eating what my body is craving. I may not eat as much as I want, but it's always good to have the food your body wants.

  11. I've heard a lot of good things about this Zumba. Keep it up!

  12. You are so brave to do Zumba in public! I am very afraid!
    Nice work on the loss!

  13. 5 lbs? You rock! Wow! I am so happy for you! Good job on it all. I have started a blog to track my progress. It will force me to actually progress or die of embarrassment and shame. Good idea, hu? Can't wait to see the photos of you at the wedding without a slimming garment!

  14. Congrats on losing 5! I may have to play along, I need some motivation.