Monday, November 29, 2010

Ten Things

November is definitely a month where people think about gratitude, but I like to look back every month and look for the good/funny, simple things that made me smile that month. Write your lists and join up.

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

1. Ryder starting to eat baby food... and the food his sister "fed" him

2. My little ballerina in her first ballet recital!

3.The fact that we are all healthy again!!

4. My guy turning 6 months and getting pictures like this

5. For those mornings when everything seems to be going wrong.. and then on our way to school we see this

6. Thanksgiving!! Food, family, food... what else could be better.

7. Celebrating Alex's 4th birthday

8. Rides on the train while mommy does some shopping
9. Watching tons of birds fly by every evening-they just do this in the fall. Though it is almost creepy.. anyone ever see The Birds?

10. Despite tears, tantrums and spit up getting lots of great shots of all three of my kids (more coming soon)
What made you smile this last month? Write your lists, grab the button and link up. It always makes me smile when you do.


  1. Aw! What a great month! I love the food that Alex tried to feed Ryder. She is such a good sister, taking care of her little brother! Awesome.

  2. That first picture of Ryder is so cute. He's seriously photogenic.

    The birds creep me out. I don't like birds at all, and seeing that many would send me into a panic attack.

  3. Oh, Oh! Your little ballerina is so darling. I want to see more pictures of her! And I just loved the first one of Ryder. Fun picture and I agree, he really is photogenic!

    I love watching big flocks of birds as long as they are not directly overhead!

    Love your list. I'll link up a little bit later today!

  4. Your list is always filled with adorable pictures!
    The birds are a TAD creepy but cool! :)
    I linked up today! I actually remembered to do a list! YAY!!

  5. The bird picture is pretty creepy! Although you really did have a great month! Once nap time rolls around I think I will make a list and join you... if all goes well! I LOVE the picture of Alex in her dance outfit! Priceless!

  6. I was boring and didn't post any pictures this month. But if you didn't post pictures well that would be serious! I love your list and your pics. ;)

  7. I love it too! The ballerina is too cute! Send more! She looks like a serious dancer with her hair up. I just love the look of ribbons flying out when she spins. And...I loved the bird picture, but then I am a huge bird lover.

  8. LOVE that last photo. Just beautiful.

  9. Oh my goodness! The BIRDS!!! That movie ruined all feathered creatures for me. My kids shoo birds away from me in a parking lot, because I'm almost certain they are going to peck my eyes out.
    You know it can happen!

  10. I love little dance recitals. so much fun.

    I love the huge flocks of birds. I never have seen that movie so it doesn't bother me at all. I just think it's amazing to watch the dance as they fly. I love it.

  11. Ah yes! What a great November! I can't believe it's over!!
    The rainbow picture is so great! The dark clouds but brite light makes for a very vibrant rainbow!

  12. that first pic is adorable...gotta love a sister who "helps"

    your children are darling. love the pics, most def lots to smile about!

  13. You always have the best stuff to smile about!!! (And the best photos too!)

  14. All good things. That is a ton of birds and quite the rainbow. Too bad it wasn't a double rainbow - all the way across.

  15. Oh, just look at how big Ryder is getting! And love the rainbow capture!

  16. Seriously the ballerina picture is adorable!

  17. The ballerina picture is amazing!! Must be framed. And you can't go wrong with shopping while the kids ride a train :)

  18. My friend, YOU make me smile. I should have included that in my list. I just love your blog. I really do. And I want to EAT RYDER UP. He is so dang cute, Emmy. I am so glad to see him thriving and growing so beautifully!

  19. Great Rainbow picture! You don't see those very often this time of year, at least where we live.

    Great picture of your kiddos too. I looks like an awesome November!