Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

My mother-in-law has done something wonderful for the last several years. Each year she asks and begs and pleads for us all to write down things through out the year about our kids. The funny things they say, just a quick few words about who they are, anything we may want to write. She then gathers all of them and prints them in a book for each of us at the end of the year. I love going back and reading the memories. And it is amazing how quickly you forget the funny things they said or did.

As much as I love love having these books, I have majorly slacked this year in writing down those extra things for the book. She will often grab things from my blog and I will often make quick notes on my iPhone of things they say. I have a few that I complied on my phone that I need to get to her, so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and let you enjoy some of the funny things my kids said this year.

And since Alex just turned 4, I am going to share with you some of my favorite from Alex this year. Starting with newest to oldest... why... well just because.

Nov 2010: "I'm going to open my eyes and play with my toys while sleeping."

Nov 2010: When Eric gets home from work the kids just want to run and play with him, but it is usually time for dinner. During dinner he would ask the kids what they did that day. They would often respond with "I don't remember" or "nothing". So Eric started something new. Each night during dinner everyone must tell something good that happened to them that day and also say something kind about one other person. We get a lot of repetitive answers, Alex will often even copy exactly what Lucas said. But the following from Alex was one of my favorite.
"something nice that happened, is I really like myself."

September 2010: Sometimes kids do things that leave you just scratching your head.
Alex was eating a bunch of chips, one fell on the floor.
"Alex don't eat that, it's dirty now"
I then heard a crunch.. crunch.. giggle. "I'm a garbage can"

September 2010: Alex often has difficulty saying the s at the beginning of words. There was the time that she told me all about the "nail" she found at preschool. She told me "I found a nail today. I miled at the nail. I picked it up but I didn't moosh it" After I stopped panicking about how dangerous her preschool must be, I realized she had found a snail that she smiled at and did not smoosh.

September 2010: Lucas was asking why I didn't want a sprinkle donut. I told him I don't care for sprinkles. To which Alex piped in "I care for them so much because they're so (s)prinkley."

August 2010: Dinner time often ends with trying to get the kids to eat just a few more bites. Just eat a few more bites, we will prompt. "But how many?" Alex will insist. "How about 7?" Eric replied one night. "1,2,3.." Alex began to count... "7! But that is all of them!" We couldn't fool her.

August: During a road trip, Alex woke up after sleeping a while in the car. We told the kids that we were almost at the hotel and the following conversation occurred:
Alex: "I can smell the hotel from here."
Me: "How can you smell the hotel?"
Alex: "I just have a really good nose."

And then there are the endless questions and observations kids make.
July 2010: "What if I was a mommy now? Then there would be two babies, that would be so cute. Then the baby would sit in the way back by me and daddy would drive."

"What if I was born first and I was older than Lucas? That would be cool"

So thanks, Mimi for the wonderful books you put together every year, and sorry I was suck a slacker.


  1. What a neat idea!! Love hearing the things kiddos say!!

  2. She could smell the hotel! hahahaha. Now that is a great sense of (s)mell! ;) These are so cute.... hmmm I probably have nothing written down. :( And of course when you don't write stuff down, it gets forgotten. SO even though you have "slacked" you still have material to work with.

  3. What a neat idea. Avery is starting to talk so much more clearly and I'm sad that her funny way of saying things is ending.

  4. What a wonderful gift! My MIL was always bugging me to write things down and I didn't. Now I regret it.

  5. I love the smelling the hotel! Depending on the caliber of hotel...that could be entirely possible! :)

  6. Cuter than cute idea! I love it! I write down everything Lula Mae says on her calendar. Charlie and I love going back through and reading all of them. It is so fun!

  7. I have been doing this same thing for the last several years now. And right about now, I go through all the stuff I DID write down, and compile it in a word document. It then is the back page or at least included with our Christmas Cards to send out with everyone. It's always fun looking back through them as the new Christmas Season is upon us.

  8. Oh! These just make me laugh and laugh. I LOVE your kids!

  9. AND...I LOVE you! You've been doing great mommy things this year!

  10. What a special thing for her to do for you! She probably knows how easily you can forget those tender things...