Monday, November 8, 2010

TGIM-um no.

When I was little I loved Saturdays. Saturdays meant no school and a day just to play. I liked school but who doesn't like a day of freedom. But now, as an adult, Saturdays are no longer my favorite day. Which is my favorite day now? It has got to be Friday. You see on Fridays 2/3 of my kids are gone for half of the day. And on Fridays when those kids come home, there is not any homework to fight about.

On Fridays we pretty much always go out to dinner. Sure it is often McDonald's or some similarly fashioned establishment, but I do not have to cook.

Saturdays used to be great, a whole day of Eric being around to help control the masses, but for the past few months he has been working part of every Saturday, and he is salary-no extra money for that extra time.

So you can imagine my excitement this last Saturday when Eric was going to be gone all day. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids..I am just a little tired of them by the end of the week. And while I was holding down the fort, Eric well he was sleeping. No, I'm not kidding he really was. Do you remember when I blogged about the crazy places he sleeps and how annoyingly easily he can fall asleep? Well this ability has gotten even greater to the point that something isn't right. He already did one overnight study which ruled out sleep apnea. This round of tests was to monitor him during the day while napping to see if he has some form of narcolepsy.

I knew I needed to figure out something fun for us to survive enjoy our day. We began by watching Toy Story 3, the kids had seen it, I had not. I loved it and cried. And then I actually got quite productive and got a ton of cleaning done, including cleaning the office-i.e. my clean laundry dumping grounds. I figured all this hard work deserved a break and so Carl's Junior for lunch was in order. The kids did great, ate their food were playing nicely together and Ryder was as happy as can be. The weather was beautiful. I sat with Ryder on my lap and we just enjoyed the sun and watched Lucas and Alex run back and forth. Uh-oh my leg feels wet; Ryder must have spit up on me again. I turn him towards me to wipe his face. It is lap is not. "oh crap" I mutter and well I was literally right.

I did not really feel like dragging three kids into the bathroom to try and clean up the mess that was piling on my lap.
"Lucas, Alex! We've got to go. Ryder's diaper leaked everywhere."

Thankfully my kids chose that moment to obey their mother and came right away without any whining. I carefully placed Ryder's blanket around his bottom to save the rest of my clothes and carried him out to the car. I kept the blanket stuffed under the stinky culprit and buckled him into his car seat. He happily "chatted" the whole way home. We got home and the kids went outside while I cleaned up the mess. I updated my facebook status to this "Well that ended up being a crappy trip to Carl's Junior-literally when Ryder's diaper leaked all over my pants".

Luckily the rest of the day turned out great, BYU trounced on UNLV 55-7, Utah got trounced on by TCU (sorry Cheeseboy...sort of) and no more diapers leaked.

What is your favorite day of the week?
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  1. I love Fridays too. Its a relief to relax after all the activity of life with a family and school. I hope next weekend is much improved! I'll have to stay in touch to find out about Eric's husband has also been repeatedly falling asleep and it's worrisome. We're ready to seek a medical eval.

  2. Friday = no homework. And I revel in that. I really don't know what my favorite day is. But Friday is good. A school day, no homework, sleep in the next day. Yeah, Friday is good.

  3. Oh man! Been there, but talk about an abrupt end to a perfectly pleasant evening.

  4. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday. I know, weird. My kids all go back to school on mondays, but my husband is off work on Mondays. I know, I should like those days, be is a little high maintenance and lately has been making me a little stabby. So tuesdays, I finally get everyone off to where they need to be and the house is quiet. Well, as quiet as it can be with the Tornado.

  5. My favorite day is Saturday. We usually do something fun as a family on Saturday.

    Does Ryder have a lot of blow outs? Buster always did too, until he started eating solids. It's so frustrating.

    I hope Eric's tests come back with something conclusive, either way. A friend of mine was just diagnosed with a form of narcolepsy!

  6. I love Saturdays! But Sunday mornings rank second since I get to sleep in til about 8 which is late in our house.

  7. In college my favorite day of the week was always Thursday. The anticipation of the weekend was even better than the weekend ever turned out. But now every day seems exactly the same, so it's hard to say. :)

  8. What a crappy way to end the day for sure!

  9. My favorite day... hmmm, probably Sunday. That is usually our family day.

  10. You are cracking me up with the way you updated your facebook status!

  11. It's funny that I was TOTALLY thinking of Cheeseboy's love of Utah. BYU all the way, dude.
    (not that i have a horse in the race, but i tend to go with the gals on this one.)

  12. haha! I've been there. How is it that kids can be literally lounging in poop and just babble away! :)

  13. Monday thru Thursday from 8:30-3:30 are my favorite days :) I find weekends to be more painful than anything.

    I always found that if the baby's diapers started blowing out, it was time to go to the next size. Not always but I'd say at least 85-90% of the time.

  14. I love Fridays too! Saturdays are usually full of soccer and baseball games and trying to keep Daisy off the fields!

  15. Oh my! Thank goodness kids listen when it is really important right? I hope you didn't have too big of a mess.

    My favorite day is Saturday, just being home is great any day!

  16. Right now it's Sunday for me, but that's bc we don't have new callings yet;-)