Monday, November 8, 2010

Status Quote: Round 3

Are you ready for the next round of the Status Quote? I always try and copy those status I love throughout the month and save it as a rough draft so I am not scrambling last minute. And others, well they spend all month trying to become part of my Status Quote.. *cough cough* Ross. Case in point, this was written on my wall today by my most recent brother-in-law.

"Ross: Is Your name Google?
Melissa: NO!!..Why?
Ross: ‘cuz you got everything I am searching for.
How about that one for Status Quote?”

So there ya go Ross, your shameless plea made it so you once again made the Status Quote.

Though I probably would of put the following status from Ross today even if he hadn’t begged as I want him to always remember this:
“Melissa and I always compromise. I admit I’m wrong, and she agrees with me.”

Yes, Ross you keep treating my baby sister right... or else ;)

So are you ready to play along now? Here were a few other status I saw out there that I loved this past month. My commentary is in blue.

  • “I think my mother is avoiding my phone calls because she knows it's UEA weekend and I have children home that are driving me crazy about something to do.” We have a week off Thanksgiving coming up.. I only wish my mom lived close enough so this could be an option.
  • “If you're LDS and a member of the tea party, do you have to specify 'only herbal tea' party?”
  • “Counting my blessings...but not one by one. By fives. Because when it comes to counting my blessings, I am a real show-off.”
  • “Locked her car keys, and all her belongings in her car this morning. Then, at noon, she locked herself out of her school by leaving THOSE keys on her desk. . . . uff. . .” Days like this you just want to forget
  • “Survived tonight night with only minimal blood (literally) and tears. Glad the house is quiet now.” Yeah this just may have been me.
  • "Jumping on the thankfulness I'm thankful that women don't have to pee in urinals. Amen." I still remember the first time I snuck into a boys bathroom and saw the urinals.. I had no clue what they were.
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  1. Herbal tea party. Hahahaha! That's funny. Ross seems like quite a character.

  2. Those are funny. I like the compromise one, haha!

  3. The compromise one cracked me up. And urinals are weird. WHY?? I just don't get it.

  4. I'm obviously not friends with any funny people. Nobody ever leaves updates that are that funny.

  5. Hahaha!! I'm glad we don't have to pee in urinals too!!

  6. :) My favorite was the counting blessings by fives. Hilarious! There are some very funny people out there.

  7. LDS herbal tea!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

  8. Dang! Melissa made it twice! I'm gonna have to try harder this month ;)

  9. I love the herbal tea, and counting your blessings ones. HILARIOUS!