Friday, November 19, 2010

Tootsie Rolls, Movies and Christmas?

Did the title of my post totally confuse you? Did you know those three things are all related to each other? No, well let me tell you how, they are related by just one word....
Samantha's Day
Sami writes a great blog called Symmetry in Motion. Sami and I first "met" as she came to my blog from another blogger and then she saw my scar post. We are both zipper buddies, we have both had open heart surgery.

Sami has the best games on her blog.

Remember the Tootsie Roll Video the kids and I made? You can watch it here if you don't. That was for one of Sami's contests.
Symfully Sweet Saturday
This month the candy is Hershey's Miniatures, you can read more about it here. There is still time to enter this one.

And not only does she have fun creative contests but she gives great prizes, look what I won (that she made) after I won the Tootsie Roll Contest.Plus, the 15th of every month (though this month it is a bit different), she quotes a line from a favorite movie. You then can tell who said it, what movie it was from, etc. A winner is randomly drawn and not only do you get the movie but she has made this super cute popcorn bowl with the family's name etched on it for previous winners.. I am still trying to win this one. You can see that contest here. But well, don't enter that one yet as I want to win! Just kidding, you can totally enter if you want to make me really sad win.

And now her latest brain child, is this.
12 days swap
This will be a 12 present Christmas swap with another blogger that you are linked up with. It sounds like a lot o fun and you can read more about it here. And there is still time to enter!

And this is all from one awesome blogger. She isn't one of those big "I have a corporate sponsor" type bloggers (not that there is anything wrong with that), but just one of us little guys, or ladies, who does this for the fun of it and out of the goodness of her heart.

So head over to her blog, join in on some of the contests and you can thank me later for introducing you to a great and fun blogger.

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or bribed in anyway to write this post.. though she did stick a lot of Tootsie Rolls in the box along with the towel... hmmm But seriously, love Sami!


  1. I had to go back and read your scar post. WOW. I had no idea. I'm glad you were here to write that post too! As an aside, you wrote that post on my birthday!!

  2. Your hair is getting long! Cute prize for winning. I hope you win the movie one sometime too! ;)

  3. WOW! THANKS SO MUCH!!! You told me you were going to be pimping my blog, but I had no idea how much. You're awesome!
    Glad you're playing in the swap too. It should be a lot of fun, and if I don't screw it up, I'm hoping to make it an annual thing...

  4. I will be checking out the present swap. Thanks for the link. ;)

  5. I love your tootsie roll prize!! How cute is that!

  6. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and this is the first I have read about the open heart surgery. I'll go check out this amazing blog.

  7. Sami rocks and so does that DARLING towel...where does she find the time to do it ALL!?!?!?

  8. Loved your post. I can't wait to see all the great gifts everyone receieves. Now I am off to check out some of your other posts.

  9. What a fun blog and lady! I can't wait to meet her. I am headed over there right now. Thanks for the introduction.

    P.S. You deserved to win that tootsie roll contest. I am glad you did.