Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Parks-Not Just for Kids

Alex's next round of ballet started yesterday.
It was also park day...
I love park day, I need park day.
Sure the kids have fun-but let's be honest, it is my chance to get out and talk with the ladies.

Yesterday, I had to decide, was there time for the park, homework and ballet??
Was I insane trying to do all three in one afternoon??

Did I mention park day is my chance for adult conversation?

You bet there was time.

But then Alex was literally laying in the sand.
So before ballet, bath for Alex and shower for Lucas while I hurry and get Ryder down for his nap.

When I got back there was lots of giggling going on and lots of water on the floor.

Lucas was throwing water at the shower wall from inside the shower.. so was Alex-from outside the shower.

Did I mention that I got to have lots of real adult conversation.

Yes, it was worth it.
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  1. Maybe THAT is why my kids' bathroom is always soaking wet!

  2. I had a hour everyday between bus drop offs and a group of us would sit and chat while the kids played at the park, instead of walking the half block back home. Oh how I miss those afternoons. Yes it was worth it.

  3. It was worth it. Adult conversation is so hard to come by as a SAHM, so I think we make ridiculous sacrifices to get it. And they have so much fun playing together, how lucky are you?!?

  4. LOL! Kids...good thing they're cute. :) Glad you were able to have some adult conversation time!

  5. : )

    Adult conversation is always worth a mess!

  6. You are so right we need adult conversation. Good for you making it work.

  7. When my kids were really little, like toddler and baby, I didn't have any adult conversation. I would harass telemarketers.

  8. I totally get it. We have playgroup every other week and I look forward to that. And it really does make the rest of the day easier somehow.

  9. I always have to cover the entire bathroom with towels before Ethan has a bath! SO WET! Glad you have fun at park day. Haven't done that for a LONG time! .. .

  10. Yay! Good for you!

    And I'm SO jealous that you get to enjoy the park in January - I can't wait for Spring!!!

  11. Oh how I remember those days and that longing for adult conversation! Good for you for fitting it in.

  12. It is worth it ... every stinking moment was worth it!

  13. :). I wish I could hang out in the park in January. Glad you got some girl time in!

  14. :). I wish I could hang out in the park in January. Glad you got some girl time in!

  15. LOL! It's amazing what we'll go through for a little adult conversation!

  16. I feel for you! Though I couldn't help giggling at the water fight around the shower door!

    I think I need a playdate at the park too!

  17. Oh yeah, it is definitely worth it!