Monday, January 10, 2011

Status Quote: Round 5?

It's time again! Time for the Status Quote. This is a monthly meme that CA Girl and I cohost. All you have to do is copy those funny, weird, interesting Facebook (or Twitter) status of you or your friends and come back and share. You don't have to tell who said it. And then you have a fun easy post.So grab the button and link up below. And don't forget to visit a few others on the list to see the funny things they shared.

My commentary is in blue:

"Women: Instead of buying Shape Up shoes, you should invest in building new buildings with curved floors. That way, soon all of us will be walking around with thinner thighs and tighter butts.
" Lol! I can totally see some artist making a building like this someday.

"NEVER try to self-diagnose online. Almost always ends up making you think you’re dying. WebMD should just be renamed “”.
" So so true!!

"I have a sixth sense of humor." Did I tell you about when I saw The Sixth Sense in the theater? I totally had to pee by the end.. just ruined the intensity of the movie when I am only thinking.. I gotta pee, I gotta pee.

"Adding 'Playdoh in my turkey baster' to my list of "Discoveries that would have been confusing before I had kids"." Lol! I swear kitchen utensils are kids favorite play things.

My daughter went to use the potty at my brother's house today. She noticed the carpety seat cover and seemed puzzled. She looked up at me and said, "Mom, the toilet has hair!" hehehee

LOL!! Gotta love the things kids say (and look you know who-you made it!!)

"It was a long hard fought battle with the outcome in question for most of the day.....but in the end ERIC 1 SHOPPING 0!
" This is my Eric and I was the recipient of this battle :)

"Preparing for my life of crime. Altered my finger print by burning it on the waffle iron today.
" Might be a bit proud of this one.. since it was my own :) It was almost worth burning my finger just to have a creative status

LOST: My clean house! Have you seen it? Also MIA: Clean clothes! Where did they go???
Amen sister, Amen!

Looking at photos from vacation and seeing how much weight I’ve gained has inspired me to make another resolution for 2011: NO MORE PHOTOS
--LOL!! Okay this is from my BIL, I already had my post ready to go, but when I saw this just had to come add it.

See how fun and easy that is! So grab the button and link up below.


  1. The toilet has hair! hahahaha. Some really funny ones. I would love to see a "shape up" building! hahaha.

  2. Love your BIL's status about no more photos. I completely agree!

  3. Enjoy your cancer FREAKING ROCKS!!! LOL!!!

  4. and no more bathroom scales too. haha

    those are funny!

  5. No photos, no evidence of wrongdoing!

  6. You found some really great ones! Enjoy your cancer! The toilet has hair! Wow. people make me laugh. I especially want to know how your life of crime is going?!?

  7. These are GREAT --so true about webMD!

  8. Yes! I made it!! I actually did that one, too. heheehe still makes me giggle!

  9. I have ONE goal when I write my facebook updates and that is to make it on the Emmy mom status quote update. I am honorned again.

    I 100% agree with the Web MD one and kinda wish I thought of it.

  10. Hahahah, I love the WebMD one! That's hilarious! Good finds here! This game sounds fun!

  11. This is such a good Meme! I need to remember for next week. Some really good ones here. I love the one about not having any finger prints left due to the burn on the waffle iron. However, my facebook friends usually spend alot of time moaning about their plight. Not sure how much fun they would be...

  12. Oh gosh - I am not nearly that funny (and hardly on FB), but these are stinking hilarious! And I think I love your BIL... no more pictures for me too!

    Thanks for the laughs!