Thursday, January 6, 2011

They Love Me! They really do!

Over six years ago, Eric and I lay in bed flipping through a baby name book. What were we going to choose? We didn't want anything to weird, nothing you didn't know how to spell and definitely not anything super popular. My name is Emily after all- it held it's spot as number one for over ten years.

So when we discovered that you could see how popular names were on the Social Security Web site, we knew we had no need to buy a baby names book again.

When we settled on the name Lucas, we were happy with it's place as the 71st most popular boys name in 2003. Not really popular, but also not way out there.

Alex's name, which is actually Alexandria, was picked a different way, but it's placement in the low 100's was fine by us.

And Ryder-well we needed an R name (you can read why here) and when we chose Ryder it sat at about 204.

Why do I bring this all up? I get emails from the babycenter. And guess what name is now sitting at #9... Lucas!

And guess what name is now #97..Ryder! It is even on the list of names to be watched as they rose in popularity so much.

So well, I can only figure one thing. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery; just didn't realize I was so popular.


  1. LOL Isn't it funny you don't hear a name at all and then you *know* somebody with that name and then suddenly you hear it all over the place?!

  2. That's pretty funny Em! I love both those names and Alexandria too. Todd and I died when we found out AFTER we named Ethan that Ethan was #1! ACK, not what we were hoping to find out!

  3. Such a trendsetter, Emily!
    I'm thinking the same thing about our Grace... I don't remember it being popular but nearly everytime we're out I hear another mom yelling for her Grace.

  4. Ha! We named Buddy "Jack" right after the friend's episode where Monica and Chandler had surprise twins and named the baby Jack. We already had the name picked out and I just new it would make the name skyrocket. Jack is 42nd on the SS website, and Nicholas (our second) is 32nd.

  5. LOL!

    I know your pain. I LOVE the name Jacob and that is why my son has it, also it is after my dad but being in the number one spot for popular boys names sucks.

    Also, Hayden was named Hayden way before the 'ayden's became popular for his Grandma.

    I hate the ppl think I named him that b/c if Sex and the City. I did not.

  6. My new nephew is a Lucas. Because I have a unique name I really want my children to have unique names. It's really hard coming up with something unique yet not off the wall and crazy!

  7. You are setting the trends! Who knew you had such power over the masses?

  8. I'm the same way. There was always someone else named Rachel in all of my classes. So, we go for the out there (but not too far) names.

  9. You just have great intuition for names! :)

    We were very careful choosing our kids names for the same reason. When I was in 7th grade we were given a school phone book. One day when I was bored I went through the phonebook and found 27 Amys in my grade alone. Jeffrey has a very popular name as well. So we didn't want our kids to have to worry about anyone else having their names. Keith was a very old name, in the 900s on the SSA list, and Faye isn't even on it! (unfortunately Faith is in the top 100)

  10. hahaha!!!! Too funny! I think I can safely say "Lula Mae" won't be on that list! Her name is actually Llewellyn.... the year that she was born there were only 3 children in the USA named Llewellyn. Rare for sure. Jayce I'm not too sure of. It really throws people off though. So it must not be too popular! LOL

  11. LOL! One of my husband's cousins loved our son Anthony's name so much that she used it the very next year - middle name too. So there are two Anthony David's in our family (at least they have different last names and we hardly ever see them). One of my cousins took Amanda's name and a friend used Sarah's, another friend used Nathan's, even going so far as to name him Nathaniel and call him Nathan, just like us.

    I keep thinking don't these people have imaginations of their own LOL! Our kids do have pretty common names (looking on that SS chart, they were all in the top 20 of their birth years). I think it comes from me having such an oddball name and hating it when I was growing up LOL!

  12. Of COURSE you are so popular! You rock...everybody wants to be like you!

    I HATED my name my whole life. I didn't want my kids to have super common names either. But definitely not grow up with the curse I had!

    I had only heard my son's name 1 time, and it was the most popular name that year! He has TONS of kids with his name around and it makes me crazy!

    I hope you are having an awesome year so far!

  13. Ryan in 2005 was #14...had no idea, in fact I thought it was fairly unique. Until he started school and there were 3 other Ryan's in his class. It's now #19

    Emily in 2000 was #1. I knew it was popular...I actually was pushing for Emma. Rich liked Emily better. It had a better ring with her middle name.

    Kristin in 1997 was 174 and is currently in the 800's. about my name....

    Okay my name spelled they I spell it doesn't even make the top 1000. Yes...thousand. Spelled with an A(all wrong) it is number 88 the year I was born and is now 962.

  14. Rhiannons name thankfully is way down the the 900s

    Laylas though is getting more popular...all the way to 45 now!

  15. Cool link! Thank you:)I might steal it for my blog or facebook. My Mark's name is becoming more and more old-fashioned with each year. Poor guy-hahaha. And Alex's is #4 now! I still love that name. Katrina is almost non-existant (in the 800s) and Katya is not even in top 1000.

  16. Yes, you are pop-u-lar!
    And smart!

    I love those names.

  17. this post is fantastic!

  18. Mine used to be nonexistant practically but now EVERYONE is calling their babies that. :/ weird.

  19. Hee hee hee! Everyone is copying you! I wonder where my kids' names sit on the list?
    I have 3 cousins named Emily!