Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Okay where does that saying come from? I have no idea... and no one is winning a chicken dinner but we do have a winner today. We have a winner from the 2010 Review Extravaganza!

First I want to thank the lovely ladies who helped host.

They are
Mimi of Living in France

Sami of Symmetry in Motion
Samantha's Day

Lourie of CA Girl

Emily of That's So Emilisq

Shortmama from Family of Shorts
Family of Shorts
It has been so fun meeting new bloggers out there and reading the recaps of your year. I have been keeping track of the points in a spreadsheet, yes I do have an inner nerd that loves spread sheets. But then I thought, well the first person to link up would have numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. So to make it even more random, I wrote a list with an entry for every time you linked up, printed it off, cut them up, put them in a bowl and let Lucas draw a winner.

Make sense? Well anyway, trust me it was very random and... oh, what you want me to be quiet and just announce the winner? Okay... the winner who will receive not one, not two, but six gifts is
Suze from Suze's Corner!!

Congrats Suze and please email me at emmy (at) emmymom2 (dot) com with your address and packages will start coming your way.

Thank you again everyone who played along. I hope you enjoyed looking over and recapping the year as much as I did.

My kids are still on Christmas break until next week... so I am almost back to being able to blog as I want to and finally getting caught up on all of you who so kindly take the time to comment on my blog. So thanks again everyone and congrats Suze.


  1. Hahaha! I was wondering where on earth you were going with that post title. As always, your good for a laugh :-)

    Still on break?!? Oh dear, well hang in there!

  2. still on break?? WOW... and I loved the title although now I feel the need to google where it came from! I had so much fun in the recaps!

  3. I had no idea there was going to be a winner. Cool! Congrats to her. :)

  4. I have no idea where that "chicken dinner" thing came from...that's weird, isn't it? A weird saying.
    I was happy to be included in this cool Extravaganza and can't wait to get to know the winner better!

  5. What a great idea you came up with. Really. Can't wait to play next year (and I will do better next time, promise).

  6. I was an epic fail on this! Well, not just this but sooo many things lately! ;)

  7. Talk about nerdy..."winner winner chicken dinner..." comes from gambling on horses and playing the casinos...the minimum bet was around $2.00 also the same price as you guessed it...a chicken dinner. So they coined the phrase to lure innocents in to bet or play along to win...a chicken dinner!

    It was lots of fun playing. And it is totally cool to be a nerd!

  8. That whole group of gals is terrific!

  9. I love spreadsheets too - they're just so organizing and peaceful!

  10. Congrats to the winner! Looking forward to getting her goodies out in the mail!

  11. YAY congrats to the winner...i need to check them out!

    and BOO to me for not following through with the last few months.

    yep, i sucketh!

  12. I had a great time playing along.

    Congrats Suze!

  13. I didn't win? Sigh. Guess the prize was just getting to play, right?
    Thanks for hosting. It was fun. Made a few new friends along the way!