Monday, January 3, 2011

Ten Things

Another month has come and gone so it's time for Ten Things To Smile About.

I usually do this monthly meme on the last Tuesday of the month but with the craziness of the holidays I decided to wait until today. I started the Ten Things over a year ago now, it was just my way to look back and see the positive good and sometimes funny things in the month. I just did it for myself, but others liked the idea and started writing their own lists, so the monthly meme began. So here is:

December's Ten Things to Smile About

1. Having lots of family in town to celebrate the Holidays

2. Christmas Eve Traditions
3. Bumper cars, roller coasters, and fun with family at Knotts Berry Farm

4. Watching Lucas perform the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker with the other kindergartners.

5. Not only doing a photo shoot with my kids and getting a ton of cute pictures, but actually getting some printed and hung!!

6. Bike ride around Coronado Island-yes in December, gotta love Southern California!
7. Seeing Alex's face light up as she said "it's the real Santa" when he visited her preschool

8. Having wonderful blogging friends who helped me host the 2010 Review Extravaganza.

9. Watching BYU dominate in their Bowl game and the excitement for next years team

10. Christmas Eve! Christmas!! And New Years!!
(no wonder I'm tired)

So write up your lists, grab the button for your post and play along!


  1. I didn't know you could ride around Coronado on one of those cool bikes! That is now at the top of the to-do list for the next time we visit SoCal!
    What a great December! Is Ryder sitting up by himself in one of those shots? Big Boy!

  2. AWESOME...all of it. i love love love Coronado!

    And you kiddos are darling! i know i always say that but i mean it!

  3. Those are great things to smile about. :)

  4. Your littlest and your daughter look very much alike!

    It's so gorgeous out there by Coronado!!! Lucky you that you're so close!

  5. Those are such pix! Your family is darling! It looks like the holidays were great.

  6. Another great list. I love Coronado island, the army beach and camping on the island are some of my favorite memories.

  7. One of these days I will get over my jealousy of your fab pics.

    Or not.

  8. So glad you guys had fun at Knott's. It's my fave place to go. I spent many summers there. It was a great and busy month.

    PS I love the pic of Ryder on the merry-go-round.

  9. Such great pictures. It sounds like you had an awesome December!!

  10. Great pics (especially of the kids together). You had a great Christmas/December. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. "It's the real Santa" is beyond precious - I love it!

  12. Your pix are great--what a beautiful family!
    Thanks for hosting this link-up.

  13. Great list! The Christmas Eve pics of your kids are SOOOOO totally priceless and cute!

    I totally forgot I was goign to do this today and already made a post. I'll do my 10 things tomorrow. Can I still link up then?

  14. To answer your question from my blog, yes, my mom made her stocking! She's made them for every grandkid but my daughter is her only granddaughter so she spent TONS of time on her special stocking. :) Isnt it adorable?
    Thanks for the comment!

  15. I wanna go on a bike ride like that! And I totally expected to see Cheeseboy jeering BYU here in the comments. :)

  16. That picture of your children is beautiful! Good for you getting them printed and hung up already!

  17. That is the coolest bike I have ever seen! I love Coronado Island.

  18. Congrats to BYU. Wish my Utes could have followed suit.

    We'll be in Knotts in two weeks. too many rollercoasters. I plan on getting really sick.

  19. The kids in front of the tree is adorable!

  20. Great list! I love all of your pictures. A little jealous of the trip to Coronado and Knotts but so happy for you!

    PS- Tried to link up but it was closed. :(

  21. Love the photo in front of the Christmas tree!