Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Confessionals: Losing and Ramblings

I cannot believe that March is almost over... and as of last night for me March Madness is over, my Cougs feel to the Gators, which honestly totally made me want to cry. But wait-I should save that for my confession, as Friday's are my and your chance to link up with Glamazon and Mamarazzi and confess whatever you may want. And don't forget in less than one week-on Thursday the 31st, it will be time to link up with your Ten Things to Smile About This Month lists!

  • I confess I am still mourning BYU's loss from last night.
  • I didn't realistically think they would win the whole thing-but I thought they would make it just one more round for sure.
  • I even wore one of my BYU shirts yesterday.
  • Though this was the first playoff game that I did.. so maybe I cursed it!
  • Are you superstitious like that?
  • I don't think I really am.. but then again thoughts like that often jump into my head so maybe I sort of am.
  • I was really hoping Ryder would not be mobile until we moved (yes I just completely changed subjects)
  • that way I wouldn't have to baby proof this house and could just worry about the next
  • but well that would also mean that he wasn't mobile until after his first birthday-which I don't honestly want
  • he is getting so close
  • he rolls around places, and scoots in circles and rocks on his hands and knees
  • yes, I am in for it.
  • And besides we have no clue as to when or where we are moving...
  • yes I did just write a post a while back saying where we thought we were going (a town I did not want to move to)
  • but well that changed a while ago and other things have changed and are still pending, so we have no clue.
  • Don't you wish you were in my shoes?
  • Wait until you see my post on Monday.
  • I am going to be writing about a lady practically touching my chest trying to get to Ryder.
  • I did not like it.
  • And now I am going to go enjoy my weekend, soccer games, baby shower, date with Eric, church and the a photo shoot on Monday- it's going to be busy.
Have a great weekend! Oh and yes, there will be a Cooking Club Recipe tomorrow as usual.


  1. That was a rough game. Jimmer sure got beat up and I just wanted his threes to sink when they didn't. Oh well, still love the cougs! ;)

    I'm sure once you KNOW where you are moving, that will help a lot. As for baby proofing . . . good luck! Can't wait to see videos of Ryder moving when he finally does!

  2. We had the game on too. Noah was running around the house singing "Teach me how to Jimmer!" - totally got stuck in my head. Close game. Hubby was pretty bummed.

    And sorry about the not knowing - I have BEEN there. ugh!

  3. My friend's little guy is getting up on his knees and rocking. I love that stage.

    I am superstitious. Lately, every time I watch the Red Wings (hockey), they do really bad. So I've had to shut the game off or just not turn it on at all. Bummer.

  4. Being in limbo is no fun. But having a mobile little one makes life very interesting.

  5. I am totally superstitious like that. haha. I understand you not wanting Ryder to be mobile just yet. But...well...ready or not he's going to run. He is so excited about Lucas and Alex. haha.

    And no, I really don't want to be in your shoes because then I would be married to my cousin. And that's kind of creepy. ;)

  6. How frustrating not to know when you are going to move. And babyproofing is such a pain!

  7. I'm sorry that your team lost, but I'm thrilled. Jimmer is from my town, and I'm so sick of hearing about him! Basketball is bogus.

    Sounds like youv'e got a good weekend planned!


  8. Hope you find out soon. I know what it's like to not know and wait.

  9. Limbo sucks!

    Sorry about your team!

  10. OMG. M is extremely superstitious. He needs help. It's a real problem at our house during football season. He would shave until AFTER Greenbay won the superbowl because the last time he shaved, they lost. See? A problem. I'm not down with facial hair.

  11. whoa you let someone get to 2nd base and she didn't even buy you dinner?


  12. Moving? What a mess!!! Best wishes!!!

    Have a super weekend!!


  13. I don't like strangers touching my kids or my boobs. And I'm still pulling for Austin!

  14. Poor Cougs! I was sort of sad, too.
    Good luck on the move. I hope you hear very soon so you are no longer waiting in limbo. That really stinks. And if it is soon, maybe Ryder wont be mobile by then, right? :) Good luck!

  15. I am in awe that you can stay so calm when you have no idea where you're moving!
    I would not be able to be so calm.
    Let's hope it's somewhere good!

  16. Sean hasn't even wanted to watch the rest of th tournament. So depressing. Just goes to show that without jimmer we werent a championship team:(

    I am such a stress case and have to have a plan. I hate not knowing what is ahead. Especially if it involved moving.