Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Car Fiasco

I dropped Ryder off at a friends so that I could go on Alex's preschool field trip with her. I arrived and told her she would be riding with me, excited that I was able to go with her this time.
"Mom! Why are you driving? I don't want you to drive, I'm angry you came. I want to ride with my friends!" Alex shouted.

With those words I was suddenly transported back 18 years to a church building in Illinois....

It was almost time. After the prayer was over it would be time for me and about forty other youth from my church to head out to the cars. I sat next to my friend Amy but she had her back turned to me busily chatting with the new girl. They are giggling over some of the older boys in the front row.
"Who's car do you want to ride in?" I hear the new girl ask.

A knot forms in my stomach. I know the next few minutes will be critical, especially with my newly required status of the third wheel. I know Amy still likes me and I want to make sure it stays that way so I know I need to end up in the same car with her. I can't let the new girl totally push me out of the picture.

They talk about what boys they want to ride with. I mentally count the number of people in my head. Panic sets in as I realize I might be left standing alone. I know I won't be left without a ride, I can always ride with my mom.

My family's brown-paneled eight passenger van, nicknamed The Beast, almost ensures that my mom is always asked to drive for youth activities. I'm not embarrassed to ride with my mom; while she isn't the "cool mom" everyone likes her and she is good about not doing anything to embarrass me. But right now it isn't my moms feelings I am interested in- it is how to weasel myself in with my former and hopefully current again best friend. Things had been going so good with Amy and I-she was really cute and a big flirt, but she was also a good friend. She was the perfect person for my 12-year-old awkward self to tag along with as when I was with her some of the boys noticed me too.

Everyone quieted down for the prayer. "Amen"- I bolted up out of my seat making sure I stayed with Amy.

"We should see if Dan and Andy want to ride with us in my moms van, there will be room for all of us."- I said, suddenly grateful for The Beast.
"Good idea!" agreed Amy.
The knot in my stomach lessened as this was all going to work out.

The boys agreed along with one of their friends and we all piled into the van. Us girls took the middle bench while the boys piled into the back. We giggled and talked with our heads turned backward most of the trip. The new girl was definitely getting plenty of attention but for the moment I didn't care. I had made it- though I might have been a bit of the third wheel, at least this wheel was in the right car.
Amy and I (and another girl who Amy knew from school??-- two years later-still best friends
in my bedroom during a sleep over

"Miss we're all going to the same place, we will see your friends in a few minutes" I say, my feelings wounded a bit. I remember feeling like she did, but I was 12-Alex is four.

Heaven help me.

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  1. Too funny. All kids go through this at some point. I'm sure if you hadn't gone, she would have ended up being sad.

  2. Oh Alex, you little drama queen you. hahaha. Maybe by the time she is a teenager she will be past the theatrics. Yeah...probably not.

    So funny that you can't remember new girls name. Kind of cool too. Is that bad?

  3. What a sad story! It is the Mother's Curse, isn't it? "I hope your kids act exactly like you do!"

  4. Oh just wait LOL, that's all I'll say ;)

  5. Oh, the drama!

    My 6y/o was upset that I drove him home from his field trip the other day- instead of letting him go home on the bus. But, I figured if I was there, why would I send him back on the bus? I guess I missed his point!

  6. Those little ones sure do tend to cut deep. :(

  7. oh my! let the games begin...

    brennan told me i couldn't be in the room the other night when sean was giving him his "fireball story" and "man talk." usually he lets me stay in there and listen and then sing him a song after. i was so sad!!!

  8. Poor Mommy! I can really see my son saying this. And thanks for sharing your story - I think we all went through something like that. I know I did!

  9. Love the pony look so darling! Cute smile! No wonder I think your kids are so wonderful!

  10. my 15 yr old unfriended me on FB tonight.


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to stay for a while! I'd say you were pretty cute based on that picture! Did you learn to flirt?

  12. My girls have given me "the preview of coming attractions" since they fought over a dress at age four.