Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time Out and Baby Booties

My good blogging friend Amy of Involuntary Smiles started a great new meme that I really need to participate in more often.

It is called Time Out Tuesday. It is your chance to blog about your Time Out that week-or what you did for yourself that week-so that means I need to take time for myself that week. I know as a mom this is so easy to never do.

Amy doesn't have a button for her meme yet. When she started her meme I said I might be able to help her out but it would probably be like a month till I could get to it-well that month has come and gone. So if anyone out there knows how to make buttons and has some free time and wants to help Amy out she would love it! And maybe in another month or two I might be able to get to it....sorry Amy.

So what was my Time Out Tuesday? On Monday I got my hair dyed! Actually I should say I dyed my own hair. The gray hair (yes I have a lot of gray hair at the ripe old age of 30) had taken over again. It was driving me crazy and I needed to do something about it but was never taking time to do it.

One of my friends is a beautician, well she used to be-doesn't have her license in CA, she helped me pick out some good stuff and was there for moral support. And yea! No more grays! So this was my Time Out for this week.

And speaking of Amy- a while back I entered a giveaway on her blog. This was a giveaway for a handmade newborn hat, baby booties and paci leash. I don't have a newborn anymore, nor will I ever again, but I do take pictures of newborns! So I entered and I won!

I got in touch with Veronica of May Angel Star Crochet-you can and should see her site here. She has some premade hats and booties AND/OR does custom orders! I have shopped around for newborn hats before and her prices are awesome! The quality of her products is awesome too! You can get a hat, booties and paci leash for only $25! So anywho-I was trying to decide what colors to get for my custom order as I wanted something that would work with both boys and girls and she graciously offered to make me a girl set and boy set-and look what I got in the mail on Monday.
So stinkin' adorable!!
And look at the cute flower on the back-the little details--awesome!!Can't wait to put these on a newborn baby boy!

So definitely go check out Veronica' site-May Angel Star Crochet these would all make amazing baby shower presents.

And check out Amy's blog and play along-as we all need a Time Out for ourselves.


  1. Those booties are soo cute!
    I really need to die and cut my hair....
    It is hard to not take time out for ourselves..it's really hard to do. I guess my time out would be blogging.

    I could make her a button,

  2. Did I ever tell you about my hair dyeing disaster? haha!

    Cute cute booties and hat! Can't wait to see a babe photoed in them!

  3. I am probably going to go a shade lighter for summer. Just haven't bought the stuff yet. And what? No pictures???

    Those booties and hats are so cute! Great for your shoots.

  4. I love those booties!!!
    The only time I have for myself is my workout classes... and that sucks because I don't really enjoy them! :)

  5. Those booties are precious! I totally love them. =) Thanks for checking out my site and for commenting on my knitting!

  6. Those are so beautiful! Makes me want a baby!

  7. Those *are* stinkin' adorable! Ugh, my ovaries!

  8. So glad you got some time for yourself! Don't we all need it! Yikes - I'm sorry though about the grays, that stinks!

    Those booties are adorable - love the flower!

  9. Those hats and booties are too stinkin' cute. It makes me want to have another baby just to get their picture taken in stuff like that!

  10. Wow! I don't think I have ever been mentioned so much on someone's blog (aside from my own, I do talk about myself a lot)! Thank you, Emmy! Don't worry about the button. Vanessa said she could get one for me. And I forgot about it, but now that I am moved I will actually have more time, so if needs be, I could even figure out how to make one myself.
    I have a ton of gray as well. Usually I hate it but right now I am sort of enjoying it. It adds a lot of texture to my hair. Of course it looks a lot different on curly then it does on straight. :)
    CUTE baby stuff! She is awesome, isn't she?

  11. My wife is downright beautiful, but if she did not dye her hair, the entire thing would be grey. And she is 33.

  12. those little booties and hats are adorable. they make my uterus ache.

  13. So glad you got them!!!! My email is still being crazy. It's letting me receive messages but not reply.

    Can't wait to see picture of some adorable little babies in them!

    It was lovely working with you :)

  14. I love the idea of writing about something you do for yourself...forces you to do it.

    I too have gray hair so coloring it is essential unfortunately.

    Those hats and booties are too cute. Congrats on winning!