Monday, May 23, 2011

What Not to Do When You Make a Quilt

"Okay up we go to bed" I say to Ryder as I carry him upstairs for his nap.
We enter his room and I head towards the rocking chair. One of his baby quilts is draped across the footstool of the rocking chair spilling onto the floor.
"Okay Mr. Man" I say as I move to sit down.

Suddenly a sharp pain shoots through my foot.

"What in the world!" I look down at my foot and raise it up- the quilt comes with my foot. Why is the quilt sticking to my foot and why does it hurt? None of this is making any sense. I try to examine my foot again the pain intensifies as I concentrate on not dropping Ryder. I finally set Ryder down and then see a strand of silver between my foot and the quilt.

"A pin!" I say out-loud as my mind has finally wrapped around what is happening.
(image found here)
I sit down on the floor next to Ryder and slowly pull the pin out. Blood begins gushing down my foot. I grab my foot with my hand desperately trying to stop the blood from dripping onto the carpet.

"Lucas!" I call- I try to keep the amount of panic in my voice at the perfect level-just enough so he will know I am serious and will move quickly but not too much to ensue panic.
"Lucas-could you bring me a towel, I stepped on a pin and my foot is bleeding."

"Oh no!" I hear him say from downstairs. "Do you want a little band-aid or a big band-aid?"
"Don't worry about the band-aid yet, just please bring me a towel" my hand is filling with blood.
"Do you want a wet towel of dry towel"
Are you kidding?? I think. "It doesn't matter, just hurry and bring me one" somehow I managed to keep my cool and not snap, he really was just trying to help and it wasn't his fault my foot was spewing blood.
"Ryder come back here!" I say as I realize Ryder is heading towards the open gate at the top of the stairs. "Hurry please Lucas, I need you to get Ryder"

I scoot on my bottom towards Ryder all while holding my foot.

Lucas hurries up the stairs drops the paper towel and band-aid in my lap and grabs Ryder and moves him away from the stairs.

By now my foot has stopped bleeding but my hand is covered with blood.

Now at this point-I have to admit the first thought that went through my head was I should take a picture of my hand it would be good for a blog post, but luckily I spared you and did not take a picture.

I took care of my foot and then went and washed my hand. I threw the thankfully still intact pin away. I head back into Ryder's room and clean up the spots of blood on the carpet.

I take a deep breath.

"Okay let's try this again; time for a nap"
I close Ryder's door as I leave the room and glare at the quilt lying on the floor. I have used that quilt for almost a year now, how had I never noticed this pin??

So a little tip, unless you want to end up with a hand full of blood and a hole in your foot, when you are making a baby quilt-triple check to make sure you got all of the pins out.


  1. Ouch! That's scary that it has been there that whole time and could have stuck your son instead.

    We used straight pins on a world map in our sons' room and now there are only about 3 left out of 15 on the giant map. I often brace myself for sharp pain and blood when I walk by there, but I despite my searches I have yet to find them. I'm confident I'll be attacked one day soon in an unexpected place!

    Glad you guys are ok!

  2. Oh my gosh you poor dear that's terrible!! Ouch!

    Seriously, it's one of my biggest fears. I sew quilts and always manage to drop pins on the carpet. I'm always combing the ground in fear I'm going to step on one, but now, with your good advice, I'll be checking my quilts for pins as well!!


  3. Well, I'm the awesome one who left the pin in huh?! Sad thing, I ALWAYS triple check. I guess if it has been hidden for a year without you finding it, it was hidden good. SO SORRY!! Glad it didn't get Ryder though!!

  4. I can't believe it never happened before now, and I was hurting just reading about this. OUCH! Like Rachel said, it's a good thing it didn't stick Ryder.

  5. What a helpful, responsible, thoughtful boy. Maybe it's the oldest boy thing. for future blood on carpet or clothing episodes, just pour hydrogen peroxide on it and blood will disappear. Between the fireman husband the four teenage boys, I use this trick often.

  6. That's crazy! I have quite a few handmade quilts that people gave me as gifts... I should go double check them now!!!

  7. Ow ow ow! I stepped on a pin like that once before. Actually, it was a sewing needle that someone who shouldn't have been playing with it, dropped on the floor. It went into the web between my big toe and second toe (no, I don't have webbed toes, but in that little area!). That hurt so bad.

  8. Yes thank you for sparing us the blood. I am eating. Haha. I am really glad that it stayed in tact. And even more glad Ryder didn't find it for you.

  9. I am totally impressed that you 1. made a quilt, 2. didn't snap and 3. didn't drop the baby!

    (My feet are curled up just thinking about this.)

  10. I bet if the person who made that quilt knew that happened they would feel so bad!
    I can only think that you're lucky it wasn't Ryder? :(
    Did it go all the way in?? Do you need a tetanus shot??

  11. I would have thought the exact thin, get the camera for a blog post, lol!

    But, I'm glad you didn't, more glad that you survived such naptime trauma.

  12. OUCH!
    Can't think of pain that compares.


  13. Sigh, that is such a sad story! I am just glad Ryder never got pricked! Wouldn't you rather it be you? And I agree about double checking. Wowzers!

  14. i am so with you on wanting to take a pic. that is exactly where my mind would have gone too:) lol glad your foot is ok. found pins all over my carpet for months after i made brennan's. dang pins!

  15. Ouch! My foot is killing me from just reading. And so weird that you didnt find that til now. But I guess that good. Maybe you got some magic skills that kept you from noticing or hurting anyone else? ;o) Glad you are okay

  16. Thank you for not showing us the blood...even though I'm sure you would have made it very artsy. Thank goodness it was you instead of Ryder!! That would have been awful.

  17. I'm glad it wasn't stuck in Ryder!!

    I am a little disappointed you didn't get the gory pic! ;)

  18. that is a very good lesson.

  19. Oh my! I am sure you were glad it happend to you and not one of the kids, yikes. That happend to my husband and a handmade bear he was picking up in Alyssa's room, though luckily not as much blood.

  20. my grandma use to take a big magnet to each of her quilts just to be safe. good tip.

  21. Unbelievable that you'd used it for so long without getting poked! I am so sorry you got hurt - OUCH! That totally sounds like something that would have happened to me, ha ha :)