Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CA Girl, Kids and... dogs!

Yesterday I unpacked 10 boxes! Okay that is a lie- I didn't do any... but I did go to pool days with a bunch of families from my new ward (congregation).

So anywho- in order to try and get something done today--which might not happen at all if Ryder isn't feeling better- I have another great guest post. This lady is definitely one of the things-though she is a person not a thing-that I miss most about my old home. When we moved to California a little over two years ago we found out that we would be living in the same town as Eric's cousin. We all got together for a family dinner and our boys adored each other. In fact- it was their friendship and how well they played together that made us decide we had better get together again--and well let's just say soon we were arranging play dates for the boys as we wanted play dates!

Yes, today's guest post comes from my BFF Lourie of CA Girl! She is the creator of The Status Quote- I just join in for the fun- and I really enjoy reading her blog and think you will to if you don't already. So here is her post.

Have you ever realized how much kids are like dogs? I was thinking about this the other day. Kids, need to be house broken(potty trained) much like our furry friends. They have to be trained to sit(still) and (when) to speak. They respond well to certain phrases. A dog hears, "walk" and will likely jump and turn in circles at the mere thought of going on a walk. A child might do very close to the same thing if they hear the word, "park."

When you go on a walk with your kids; particularly if they are under age 5, it is crucial that you stop and inspect every crack, line, bug, weed and flower along the way. Time is not an issue here. Unless it is well spent on meandering and scrutinizing the small and minute.

Dogs are often amused by simple games. Fetch. Chase. Our children love simple games. We can do the simplest things that will amuse them for hours and we are their best friends for it.
Dogs can often be noisy. They will bark to be heard. Bark when someone is coming. Bark to bark. Children will be noisy to be noisy, to be heard and because someone is coming.

If you don't wash your dog regularly enough, he will start to smell funny. The same goes with children. Not sure which smell is worse. Smelly dog, or sweaty kid.

Dogs and children are great mess makers. It's their passion, their purpose, and their pleasure. When they are done with a toy, they don't put it away, they leave it in our path to step on so we know they used it. It shows their appreciation.

They make big sad eyes at you when you are about to scold them or leave. Trying to lay guilt on you. The big eyes also come out when something is wanted.

When you have been gone 5 minutes, or 5 hours(if only!) upon your return they crowd around you, jump on you, speak at once, and will even climb into your lap if you manage to sit down before they knock you over.

Yes, dogs and kids are an awful a lot alike. They love us unconditionally, make messes, and noise. They can be stinky but they are ours forever. But be forewarned parents. I hear teenagers are a lot like cats.

Lourie's kids- a picture I actually took back before I redid my logo

So go visit Lourie's blog and show her some love- you will be glad you did!


  1. lol this is great!!! if kids are like dogs, then I have two kids!! :)

  2. Awww I hope Ryder is feeling better soon. Poor guy.

    Thanks for letting me post. :)

  3. Funny!!! I never made the connection, but you're right!

  4. Cute, I can see why you 2 are friends :)

  5. This is exactly why I am never getting a dog.

    Heck, I don't even really like dogs, but I watched Marley and ME for the first time last night and nearly broke down. No, two dogs/kids are enough for me.

    Loved the guest post. Nicely done.

  6. I have to agree entirely!!

    Great post!!

  7. Love her! And didn't realize y'all were related until I saw YOUR picture on her blog! :)

    Loving that last line about teenagers and cats, hee hee!

  8. the only way i can unpack is to stay up until 2am b/c my most productive hours are between 11pm and 2am. this was great when i didn't have kids waking me up early. i have to fight the late night urges now...tonight's not going so well with that, seeing as it's midnight and im still up.