Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: "The Rules"

It's Thursday today- did you realize that? Monday holidays totally throw me off. But yes, it is Thursday so it is time for PMM!

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When I was trying to figure out my PMM for this week- I thought about writing about the pride I felt when my kids stood with their hands on their hearts and said the entire pledge of allegiance; or the fact that Ryder did not cry at all at the fireworks... but yesterday at lunch, Alex helped me know what was my PMM was this week.

During lunch Lucas and Alex were talking about what they wanted to do after lunch; they had been playing so nicely together all morning while I entertained Ryder and did lots of laundry.

Lucas: "How about we play girl legos" (i.e. play with Alex's set of Legos)
Alex: "We can play with that as long as you obey all my rules."

And what were her rules? Well she went on to tell us:
"Rule #1: Let someone play what you want to play

Rule #2: if you get a person you don't want you just have to keep it

Rule #3: you have to play nice and do what I say

Rule #4: You have to put away a toy before you get a new one out

Rule #6: if any babies, grandmas, aunts or uncles want to play- let them play what you want to play"
And she finished by placing her hand on her hip-sticking it out a bit and stating "And these are my six rules"

Not quite sure what happened to 5. But I couldn't be more proud! After all, I want to raise a bossy Diva- don't you?


  1. Alex cracks me up. What an interesting set of rules. So, did Lucas agree to those rules?? LOL

  2. Too funny! I am so eager to see your kids! Should be funny to see all the kids try and merge their own sets of rules . . Ha ha!

  3. Wow, she sure came up with some good rules though! So did they play nicely?

  4. That is so cute! She came up with some good rules!! Yes, I have a bossy diva too :)

  5. lol she is adorable! love that! bossy diva for sure, she also seems so far in her rules! may be a future politician on your hands! :)

  6. HOW CUTE!! I love that! I totally want to raise a bossy diva. She's almost there already! Her independence is driving me crazy!! =)

  7. I can totally see her doing this! hahahaha.

  8. So cute ...and really not all that bad a set of rules.

  9. She's a natural! Love how planned and orderly she is :)

  10. I love that she has cleaning up as one of her rules.