Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Status Quote: The funny Edition

It's that time again! Time for the Status Quote. What is the Status Quote- is a monthly- the second Tuesday of every month- meme that CA Girl and I host. It is a chance for an easy quick post where you can share those funny/weird/bizarre FB or Twitter status updates that you find. You don't even have to tell who said them!

So grab the button, copy those status and link up- it always makes for a great laugh.

As always-my commentary is in blue.

Some simply for laughs:
"I finished a really big book the other day, 421 pages. But man did I whip through a ton of crayons doing it."-- I like coloring

"It's odd how they name storms, but they don't name calms. There's a gentle breeze this morning. I think I'll call him Doug."

"A police officer came up to me last night and said, "Where were you between four and six?" I said, "Kindergarten."
-- how quickly did the police officer arrest you?

Observations on Life:
"I can't believe people actually eat in that McDonald's Playland area. It's like, "Here's your crappy food, now go eat in that stinky room. Just ignore all the screaming."

"The Reebok “Pump” is further proof that I was a gullible idiot in the 90’s"-- I wanted one so bad, my mom never would spend the money

"Chasing a tornado is about as smart as a dog chasing a car. Once you catch it, what are you gonna do with it?
"-- I have never thought of that

"As a driver I hate pedestrians, and as a pedestrian I hate drivers, but no matter what the mode of transportation, I always hate bicyclists."

"To ensure you never cut yourself while chopping vegetables, get a friend to hold the vegetables.

"When grown-ups tell kids they have a lot of energy, they really mean that they're being annoying little brats.
" --yes we all know this is true

"Why didn't anyone tell me that you don't have to tip the Walmart greeters?"- lol I dare someone to do this!!

"If I ever run out of toothpaste, I'll just lick my bathroom mirror.
" -EWWWWW!!!!

Status updates thanks to Alex:
"If your face is covered with frosting and you are claiming you didn't sneak any- I am going to call your bluff."

"My 4-year-old in the middle of a fit "I wish I was all grown up and living by myself!""

"A 2nd "gem" from my 4-yr-old. "I like playing with M- she almost always gets MY way. Sometimes I get her way."

See how fun and easy! So copy those status into a post and play along.


  1. The one about bicyclists is so true!! I can't stand driving around them!

    I love your updates courtesy of Alex. She's such a little diva!

  2. Funny!!

    I just have to lick the bottom of my sink. EWWW!

  3. Okay...I have to disagree with the bicyclist one only because that was my mode of transportation for years and many times drivers nearly took me out despite my obeying the traffic laws. That being said, the ones who fail to obey are fair game.

    The bathroom mirror is just gross.

    Like I said...some really good ones! hahaha.

  4. Good ones! Toothpaste - gross! I suggest the veggie advice!

  5. The McDonalds one sounds like Cheeseboy!

    I love the chasing tornados one. CLASSIC!

    I feel sorry for the walmart greeters but not enough to tip them!

    These are so funny! I need to start writing some of the funny ones I read down so I can link up. Is this once a month?

  6. My favorite was the calm one. Hehehehe! I will call him Doug. Hilarious. Wow. People can be really funny. I like coloring as well. :)

  7. 5 entries!!! Woo hoo!!! Christmas came early

  8. I never thought about it before, but I HATE bicyclists in every way. I hate them when I'm driving and they're hogging the busy road and I hate them when I'm walking or riding my bike and they're all smug and bossy with their "ON YOUR LEFT" as they practically run me down. Wow, I hate bicyclists. Thanks for helping me figure that out.

    These were hilarious, but I will never, ever tip my Walmart greeter. Her name is Pam. She draws her eyebrows on. Badly. And she hates me. We have cart fights all the time. I grab a cart, it's got polio like most of the carts in Walmart, so I go to grab another one. And that's when Pam and I tussle, like she's the cart marshall or something. She thinks I should just take the one I pick. I think I have a right to a non handicapped cart. I hate Pam as much as I hate bicyclists.

  9. So funny! Your 4-year-old son reminds me a lot of my 7-year-old daughter. He must be very mature for his age. :)

  10. These are so funny! I'll have to keep track of the silliness I see online so I can link up next time!

  11. LOVE this. I might have to link up a little late sometime today. I actually did save up some statuses this month.

    The playland one was priceless.

  12. Love these. We have bicycling mania here - it can get very frustrating!

  13. These are HILARIOUS!!! I love the one about naming calms. "I think I'll call him Doug." :o) That's pretty funny!

  14. These are great...I love the one about hating bicycles. Thansk for visiting Rach and her guest post at my blog. Glad to find your blog now---new follower :)

  15. I am LOVING the Calm Doug, ha ha!