Friday, October 14, 2011

Life's Lessons: Random Ramblings

Today I just have a bunch of random garble going through my mind- so I figured it would be the perfect time to link up with Rach (Donut's Mama) and Sara's meme and share the lessons I learned this week.
  • Every kid will do it at some point--what will they do? Be embarrassed by you. It is going to happen at some point. For me -it happened today. While driving Lucas to school I was entertaining the kids with my singing of Zombies on the Lawn (Plants Vs Zombies song)- to which Lucas quickly said "Don't be singing that when we stop and the door opens."-- it happened. I was kind though and did stop singing. Must be feeling compassionate.
  • Today I am stuck home most of the day- I am waiting for some awesome packages though-new iPhone4s- squeal! But you know when they will try to get delivered- while I am picking Lucas up from school- as that is just the way it seems to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am wrong.
  • Since we are getting new phones- we are selling our old ones on e-bay. Last night e-bay was not being nice to me and I was having trouble getting them posted. I was supposed to go to a girls night out--well I did-- but that is for the next bullet-- so when I was back home I was just going to quick post my husband's phone then head back over-- it was going slow, not working, so then I got all worked up and so yea- wasn't about to go anywhere then.
  • And the girls night- got the first text inviting everyone out-- didn't get the second text saying they were going out to dinner first and were bumping back the girls night a half hour.... (sometimes our reliance on technology sucks)
  • so when I showed up at the house and the babysitter was there I was a bit confused to say the least.
  • The host totally apologized and told me to come over as they were all there now- but the whole ebay thing happened.
  • Totally failure of a night
  • But I do have a babysitter lined up tonight and a bunch of us are going to pay to get subjected to terror with a haunted house-- so tonight should be better
  • except I am kind of worried about leaving Ryder as he has had excessive-read 5 times or more a day- pooping for the last week and his butt is paying the price. And so now he really doesn't like getting his diaper changed much-poor guy.
  • But still going out.
  • Oh and tomorrow I am running my first 5K! Totally excited and nervous- and really hoping a cool front comes in- over 100 here again-BOO! And last week when it was cold it seemed so much easier running.
  • Come on cold!
So there- enough random for you. Did you learn anything from the ramblings of my mind? Head over and link up with Rach and Sara.


  1. OOh new phones. And Yay for girls night!

  2. Yay on the new phones. I'm sorry your girls night out was a bust. What a bummer.

  3. So sorry about the girls night bust. :o( That really sucks! Maybe you'll make it for it tonight at the haunted house though. I would have to be severly sedated for someone to get me to go through one of those! :o)

    And good luck at your 5K! You'll do great!!!

  4. Ahh poor Ryder. :( The little poopster.

    I hope your phone comes when you are HOME! Wish I could get the new one...oh well. Mine is kind of new. Ha!

    Good luck on the run tomorrow. I look forward to hearing about it.

  5. How exciting for new phones!!

    HAve a great time getting scared!

  6. Good stuff going on!!! Good luck with your 5K. I don't think I could ever do that. Charlie just got over a diaper rash last week...those are the WORST!!~

  7. New iphones are always exciting! I'm on hold right now to see about getting my cracked screen fixed. =(

    Yuck about GNO. That's no bueno. But getting subjected by holy terror tonight should make up for that, right? Sounds like my kind of long as someone is holding my hand.

    Poor Ryder and his bum.

    Good luck tomorrow! That's so exciting!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. New phones are fun. I've had the same phone for 8 years. It's a dumb phone, not a smart phone. :)

    Have fun tonight and good luck in the 5K!!

  9. Is he getting molars? Jayce has been having TONS of poop diapers per day and I am thinking the culprit very well may be all these molars. His poor bottom is raw too and... well he has never enjoyed being changed, but now he hates it more! Yuck!

    The babysitter will be fine. The kids will be fine! Enjoy your scary night :-)

    5 K? Go you!!!! Can't wait to hear how it went!

  10. Good luck with your 5K!

    Haunted houses scare me. Though we did take our boys on a haunted hayride last year. And traumatized them.

    Can't wait to hear about the 4s. Saw lots of people camped out waiting for stores to open today to get theirs. I just got my 4 back in March, so I'm not due for a new one yet!

  11. Super jealous about you getting a new spiffy phone. Good luck in your race tom! I feel bad for Ryder...I know that must feel awful!

  12. Good luck tomorrow! My girls' night last night was a rough start too--just as I was getting Donut into her pj's (as I was already running late & hubs was still not home), she had a poop explosion. It was so bad I had to give her a bath. I did still make it out though!

  13. Woohoo! I just got my phone today! :)

    Good luck with your 5k!

    Have fun going out tonight!!!

  14. You make me laugh so much. Quite honestly.
    I don't get the whole iphone mad dash for the newest one thing. I mean, you shell out SO much money, and a few months later a new one comes out! The iphone 5 is coming out early to mid next year, right? Anyway, I am just confused with the whole thing.

  15. Still jealous about the new iPhone. lol! I know I shouldn't, I can't help it. I'm still waiting for my iPad. lol!

    Boo on the GNO. At least you are having fun tonight! Don't get too scared!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  16. Wow - sounds like you have a lot going on this week. Hope you had fun getting scared last night, and good luck with the 5k. That's something I keep saying I want to do. But then I keep sitting on the couch :)

  17. Yay for having a sitter and running a 5k and yes, those delivery people do always come during the five minutes we are gone.

  18. So jealous about the new phones! I don't look forward to the day when one of my boys is embarrassed by my antics. I know the day will come though. I hope I am as kind as you and not defensive.

  19. Hope you enjoy the new phones! And yes, they always come at the least convenient time!

    Good luck on the marathon!

  20. Awww but I bet Lucas was so cute when he said that (though I'm sure it won't be cute in a couple of years when my kid does the same).

  21. Haha! I love the randomness of this post! I could have one of those every day ;)

  22. Yay for new phones! And congratulations on your 5k! That's something I've always wanted to do.

  23. I saw on the Facebook that you ran your first 5K this weekend!!!

    Can't wait to hear all about it!


  24. I have a 9 year old who's crossed the threshold into "embarassing mom" now too! Good. Times.

  25. Love accomplishing something like this. Way to go Emmy!