Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday: Thanksgiving

Good morning! Or afternoon depending on where you are. I haven't been around much this week as I am enjoying time with lots of family. And will be doing so the rest of the week. Just wanted to let everyone know there will NOT be a Proud Mommy Moments tomorrow as Kmama and I will be busy enjoying Thanksgiving Day. Thank you to everyone who always links up.

But next week I will be back as I have to tell you all about Alex's Fall Birthday party we had.

Today I am going to link with Mamarazzi and Quesso and also this week Crazymama to answer so Thanksgiving questions.

{1} What is your favorite food item at Thanksgiving dinner?
{2} What is your least favorite?
{3} Do you have a favorite pie? (Share a recipe if you want or just tell us about it and make us drool)
{4} Do you have any thanksgiving traditions?
{5} Black friday shopping? Do you participate in the delightful running through the stores in the wee hours of the morning madness or hibernate at home and shop online?

1) This is a tough one- for many years I really wasn't a big turkey fan, maybe it wasn't ever cooked quite right- but Eric and I have cooking that bird down to a T so it has jumped my list, but I think my favorite Thanksgiving food item may be the stuffing. Not sure why but I surely do love it.

2) Least favorite-cranberry sauce- I just don't eat it

3) Apple- classic apple. I also didn't like pie for years- yes I know I am weird. But I love a warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4) I don't think we really have any. We always have a meal- so years we have done little turkey gratitude things, my husband does like to read a scripture from the bible about eating a roll- but otherwise mostly just over-eating and getting stuffed.

5) Nope, not really a fan of Black Friday- there are so many great deals throughout the year it just doesn't seem worth the chaos.


  1. Stuffing/dressing is my fave...and apple pie too! I do not eat cranberry sauce...something about the texture. Also I do not do Black Friday eithe...too much chaos for me to go through to get a discount!

  2. Jellied cranberry sauce is my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving. The pecan pie comes second. ;-)

  3. YAY for stuffing! I used to not like it but now I looooove it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I like Apple pie, too. Though, I think Pumpkin pie is my favorite. Yum! I'm getting hungry just writing about it!

  5. Apple is rad. I heart stuffing. I have the job of making ours, I add onions and celery.

    Thanks for linking up, and have a happy thanksgiving

  6. I don't love the hoop la of Black Friday either.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Totally doing the brine--I will let you know how it turns out. I love my moms yams. Yum!

    Pumpkin pie! And pecan...and well PIE!

    We like to go around and say what we are thankful for. We watch the parade. Well they do. I cook. haha.

    If he had his bonus in time, I would go. I enjoy the rush. But no cash = no go. Plus I think it's gotten way out of hand. The retailers opening up on Thursday. People will come in the wee hours. Let them be with their families please. It's like scrooge at Thanksgiving.

  8. mashed sweet potatoes. with big huge marshmallows on top. and the turkey stuffing. and the skin of the turkey. i'm not really all for the actual meet. brennan is, so it worked out well for us:)