Thursday, December 8, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Prayers And Service

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It's Thursday- so yes you know the drill, it's time for Proud Mommy Moments! What are Proud Mommy Moments? This is a weekly- every Thursday- meme hosted by Kmama of the Daily Dribbles and myself. You probably write one most days on your blog, it is those moments or those things that your kids do that make you so proud that you just want to share and brag (and hey we are asking you to so it is okay) or it is those time where they do things that just leave you scratching your head or hiding it in shame-i.e. you are "proud"

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We have had a lot of this in our house lately.It started with Ryder- actually is started with Eric when he almost got pneumonia-- but more recently it started with Ryder when last week he came down with hand, foot and mouth disease. Not fun listening to a very hungry 18 month old scream because he wants to eat but the sores in his mouth make it too hard to eat.

Just as he was getting over it then his big sister got it. She understood a little more so a little less screaming, but still not fun.

Then right as she is finally getting over that, the cough and the night terrors and the fever came on.

And I am going on my third week of not working out thanks to sick kids. And I'm eating candy because I am stuck at home with sick kids....

anyway- this is a proud mommy moment. What is my Proud Mommy Moment? Well it comes because of this boy.
Every night we say family prayer and then the kids say their own individual prayers. Lucas' prayers are so selfless and kind and he asks in every prayer that Ryder and Alex will get all better soon and that they won't be sick anymore. During the day, he gets his sister water, he gets her her blanket, he does everything he can to help take care of his sister.
Yep, I am a proud mommy.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment?


  1. Oh! Steal my heart! Adorable pictures...fabulous children! You can be proud!

  2. By the way look super cute with missing teeth!

  3. That is so cute. Bless his little heart.

    I hope all the sickness goes away soon. What a bummer!

  4. poor lil' guys!! We had HFM in our house about 2 weeks ago and luckily only reese got it-- but its the pits!! So sad when you can't do anything to help them! Ryder sure is being a great brother! I love those sibling moments!!! Hope everyone feels better soon! XOXO

  5. OH Em, it sounds terrible. I hope everyone is better soon, and YAY for good big brothers.

  6. I am so sorry for the sickness! And so glad you have Lucas! Hope everyone gets well soon.

    I LOVE those photos!!!!!

  7. Oh that picture of Alex just breaks my heart of pieces. So sad. I hope she is back to her noisy self. :P Lucas is such a sweetie pie. It's rough when they are sick.

  8. What a great big brother! Definitely a reason to be proud. I hope that poor, sweet girl is feeling better soon.

  9. Aw, that is so sweet. What a good big brother.

    The triplets had Hand Foot and Mouth. What an awful virus.

    Hope all the kids get better soon.

  10. Awww, that is so sweet that he includes his siblings in his prayers and helps them feel better! What a kind little boy!

    So sorry they've been sick! And HFM has to be one of the worst things for them, esp when they're so little and don't understand why they hurt.

    My pedi recommended a meds cocktail that always helped when my kids had any kind mouth sore (including canker sores or inflamed taste buds). Mix equal parts Benadryl and liquid Mylanta (or Maalox, whichever you have on hand). Have them swish it around in their mouth and then spit it out. If they're too young to do that, just use a cotton swab and gently dab it on the sores. It helps tremendously...oh and a little dose of ibuprofen along with it goes a long way!!!

    Hope everyone's feeling better soon!

  11. That stomach thing has been going around...I hate it! :(
    Your kids are just so cute.

  12. That is the sweetest thing! You've done a good job raising him. I hope your family gets better soon!

  13. Poor kids! Lucas is far too sweet - love that he's such a helpful big brother!

  14. That is sooo cute!

    And I'm sorry that your sweet kiddos are sick. Not fun at all. Hope they all get better soon. Not a fun way to spend the holidays!

  15. That's very sweet. I'm proud of him and I'm not even his mommy.

  16. I'm sorry your littles have had the ick, nothings worse than sick littles!

    Those pictures are adorable, I need to learn to use my camera off of the green auto square!

    I'm all ready to go for the first week of the 2011 Review Extravaganza! I'm off to bed now but I will come back by tomorrow and link up.

  17. Oh, I'm so sorry you've been going through this. That's so hard with your 18 month old who just doesn't understand.

    Your Lucas is such a sweetie. Perfect husband and dad in training. :)

  18. I am so sorry and am praying for those kiddos too!

    What a terrific big brother Lucas is - such a tender and caring heart!