Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Review Extravaganza: Week 1

It's week one of the 2011 Review Extravaganza!! (#RE2011) If you missed or forgot some of the details you can read the rules here. That rules post is also the post where you will want to leave a comment saying you are following all of the hosts blogs for your bonus point.

Today on week one, we are recapping January, February and March. You have between now and late Tuesday (11:59 PM Pacific) to link up to be eligible to get your first point. Every week you link up you get a point, follow all of the hosts blogs and leave a comment saying you are on the rules post (click here) for an extra point.

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Let the fun begin!


The Cooking Club was still going strong
Ryder and Lucas got their two bottom teeth at the same time- one was just the adult version
I was a work-site widow when Eric worked 26 consecutive days many were 13+ hour days

I revamped my Photography 365 blog (which sadly I do nothing with again)

Put a few videos on my blog- including this one (click here) where you can hear how I say things

I told about how socks almost made us late to school


My family got a private tour of the newly finished hospital my husband builtI had two flat visitors

We had a fancy family Valentines Dinner (a new tradition)
My baby turned 9 months old
(little heart breaker)


My husband celebrated his 32 birthday and I made him a hospital cake (not because he is old but because he builds hospitals)
I took one of my all time favorite pictures
(I have this hanging in my house as a 16X20 metal print)

I told why my inability to fail had me at the grocery store at 6:30 AM

Showed you the many faces of Ryder from his 10 month shoot

I wrote my first Proud Mommy Moment- and started to get the idea for a meme

Created this map after a conversation with Alex about California being "the world"

It has been so fun going back and rereading some of these posts and it is amazing how much I have forgotten already! It makes me very grateful for my blog as I am a horrible journal writer.

So ready! I can't wait to see your recaps! And if you don't have done today- don't fret you have until Tuesday for week one. Next Friday will be recaps of April, May and June.


  1. I love all your pictures!
    I remember getting some flat visitors too! They was great company.

  2. You had a busy three months!

    That cake is really cool!

  3. As always, great pictures!!! I love the Valentine's Day dinner idea! My parents do that, too, and invite other couples over. It was a really fun tradition when they lived in the US!

  4. What do you mean CA isn't the whole world!? Of course it is! ;) I had to go back and read the sock story. Hehehe. That is awesome. Hard to believe one so sweet and adorable could cause such trouble. He just saw something that looked tasty. :P

  5. I love love love the photo of the boys together regarding the two teeth coming in. What a beautiful shot! You had a good kick off to your year. :)

  6. This is great Emmy! I love the 9 month cute!!
    It is amazing what happens in a year that gets forgotten!
    Looks like this is a hit :)

  7. I loved your photos! The one of your kids with the balloon is very very precious! And it was so fun to see your vlog! We do a Valentine's Daddy/Daughter dinner date every year. I was the server last time. Though it might become a family Valentine dinner so my boys don't get jealous.

  8. Your pictures are so amazingly awesome!! I'm going through the links now, too (and LOL'd at the California is the world one!)

  9. I love that they got their teeth at the same time. :)

  10. It was a busy first 3 months for you...I love your favorite pic too. It is great to look back and have your blog remind you of what you did. Or else we would forget b/c of mom brain!

  11. Your Valentine's Day table has inspired me to get fancy with my Christmas table!

    Your children are adorable. Great pictures!! :)

  12. Can you make me a cake? That is amazing!! And how cool that your husband builds hospitals.

    I love your family Valentine's tradition. How sweet is that?

  13. Some of these I remembered, but some I didn't so hooray for the recap!! You are right- that photo of Ryder and Alex is beyond amazing.

  14. A cooking club sounds like so much fun!

    And your kids are so stinkin' cute!

    And I love the idea of a fancy Valentine's dinner.

  15. You take amazing pictures! I love all of the pictures of your kids.

    Sounds like a busy first three months. It's crazy how fast this year has gone.

  16. I love all of those pictures. I'm going to start going back and catching up on some of your old posts. I'm now your newest follower. I love the expression in your son's face while he is tugging on that balloon. Priceless!

  17. I want to be in a cooking club! It always sounds so fun and YUMMY!!!

    And now I want to do a fancy Valentines Day dinner! You've got great ideas!

    I love that picture too. It's perfect! Love that cake. You're a great wife!

    And those faces of Ryder are priceless!

  18. oh the cooking club!!! i miss the cooking club!!! i still love that picture of your fam at the hospital with the balloon. and i love that i remember everything you reviewed:)
    happy day!

  19. Aw, your kids are tooooooooo cute!! I always liked the name mom has a favorite character in one of her books with that husband doesn't like it thought, sadly. He knew a Ryker once who he despised..and I guess Ryder sound too much like that! New follower...going to go check out some of your links!!


  20. These pictures are heartwarmingly beautiful.

  21. I remember a lot of those moments but I missed the cake, way to go. Can't wait to see more next week!

  22. I love the black and white baby pics! Super adorable.

    BTW, I follow all of you wonderful hosts for the 2011 Review Extravaganza. What a wonderful idea for a meme :)

  23. I remember the post about your hubby's hospital!

    Such a cute baby boy!
    It's fun to read through these. I should look at mine, except it's pretty boring.
    Not having kids around all the time makes for not nearly as exciting.

  24. hahaha California being the world...LOVE IT!! I would love to be party of cooking club. Now if only I had more time :)

  25. Love the cute pics! And such talent when it comes to cake-making.

  26. That "faces of Ryder" post is still one of my all time favorites! It made me smile again today.

  27. What lovely pictures! And that cake is really something! :)

  28. So cute about the teeth! And love the many faces of Ryder and the Valentine's dinner! :)

  29. I didn't know you were in a cooking club! How fun! And I love the cake for your husband.

  30. You do take some amazing pictures!! I wish you lived closer so you could take fun pictures of me and my family!!! So sweet!! That convo with Alex is too funny! I love reading everyone's link ups (as I'm doing it so super slow) and am so appreciative that I'm apart of this host group that you created!! xoxo!!