Friday, January 6, 2012

A 365 err is it 366?

Two years ago I participated in the Project 365. I started off all gung-ho, then just did it because I had to and then I started missing days, then weeks....

Last year I had this great idea to use that blog to take a day showing how to edit pictures, a day participating in some photo link-ups, etc. That lasted a couple of months.

But this year- I think I may have figured it out. This year I am doing a 366 Journal. It is kind of like a 365 project, but I am focusing on documenting the little every day things. The things that I want to remember but might not make the cut for the main blog here.

So today- I am turning comments off here- so you can head over and see what I have already done for this year and leave me some love there- please :)

Oh and if you are doing any sort of version of a 365- please leave a comment over there with a link to it, so I can update the blog lists on the side of that blog.