Thursday, January 5, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: What To Say

Proud Mommy Moments are back!! What are Proud Mommy Moments? Well most of us are always writing about our kids and we all like bragging a bit- so in this weekly meme you can have your chance to brag about your kids, tell the fun awesome things they do or on the flip side you can tell us those moments that made you so "proud" -i.e. they totally embarrassed you but at least it makes good blog fodder.

This meme is hosted by myself and Kmama every Thursday. So write your post, grab the button to help spread the word and join in!

Right before Christmas break Lucas had a school project that we all ended up getting involved in. He had to think of a different way for Santa to deliver his presents as the reindeer were sick. He decided Santa should fly in a blackbird. He didn't like my simple awesome idea of the picture of a blackbird, the world and Santa on a poster board but he wanted to make a blackbird.

So, I got my creative cap on, started thinking and we figured out a way to do it. One of the things we needed was Popsicle sticks. Luckily I have a big box of about 1000 in my craft closet. Alex saw the box and could not resist. She was soon grabbing handfuls of Popsicles sticks and running off to the living room to build her creation. After about the fourth handful I told her she had enough and did not need anymore. She happily created while we helped Lucas with his plane.
The blackbird - the white strip actually says "North Pole Blackbird Express"

After about ten minutes, she slowly came back into the kitchen.
"What was I going to say?" she asked herself aloud.

"Oh yes!" She said with a smile. "I need the box so I can put away my Popsicle sticks." she happily proclaimed.

"Miss" I said calling her bluff.
Lucas then chimed in, "I can tell by that tone that isn't the truth."

Yep, I nearly lost it then- it was all I could do to hold in the laughter so I could talk with Alex about honesty.

Well at least we can still tell when she is lying right.

What is your PMM this week?


  1. That is hilarious! Kids can definately tell "the tone" in their siblings and parents voices!!
    Great call Lucas!!

  2. Now that is funny! I love that Lucas understood the tone!

  3. That is pretty funny. I'd have laughed too! And the blackbird is SO COOL! nice work!!

  4. Now I just feel silly that apparently I don't know what a "blackbird" is!

  5. Haaaaaaa!!!!! That's funny, mama!

  6. Busted! hahahaha!

    The Blackbird turned out awesome!

  7. Bahahaha! Btw, I was envisioning Santa baked into a blackbird pie. Yah, that's how my head works. I'm SO linking up! FUN!

  8. Lucas is pretty smart, isn't he? How funny!

    Great job on the blackbird!

  9. HA! Lucas knew she was lying! That's cute!! She is tricky. You'll have to watch her later! LOL!

  10. Lucas is too funny... I wouldn't have been able to hold in a giggle :)

  11. That's hilarious! Alex sounds similar to my all too sneaky nephew!

    What an awesome blackbird - great creation!

  12. Hahahaha!!! That is too funny. Especially when Lucas called her on it. Wow. So funny.

  13. Ha ha he's learned early to call her bluff!