Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Status Quote

It's Time for the Status Quote! What is the Status Quote? It is monthly (second Tuesday of the month) meme hosted by CA Girl and myself. It is your chance to find those funny/strange/disgusting/etc. facebook or Twitter status updates and share them with us. No need to tell who said it to protect the guilty innocent.

So grab the button, copy the status and play along, it's fun.

Since we did not do this meme last month I have a few Christmas ones. As usual my thoughts are in blue.

"When I want something a little healthier than an ice cream sandwich, I usually go for an ice cream salad.
" Is there really such a thing? How I have I missed out and been deprived so many years?

"I only ever buy organic produce. I generally can't afford organic produce, so I stick to a diet of nuggets and fruit snacks." sounds like heaven to my kids

"I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and think, "Well that's not going to happen."
" I think this may have happened to me- which would explain why I hardly cook anymore.

"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your Chinese-made, synthetically fabricated, polyethylene & polyvinyl chloride mix branches."-- makes me miss a real tree

"Walmart should make all its greeters wear Miss America sashes stating what nursing home they represent."- okay really funny but kind of sad too

"If you're working on a project and suddenly see red on it- it probably means you cut yourself. #alittleslowtoday #ouch" --yea that was me-- when I was making the Grandkids signs! Cut my finger taking the back off

"I love it when I am blatantly staring at someone and they can't tell because I have my dark sunglasses on but then after an awkward few moments I realize I am wearing my regular glasses."-- total reason to have dark sun glasses and contacts- then won't make this mistake

See, fun and easy! So play along and link up. And tomorrow- tomorrow I have a great giveaway for any of you that live in or around Southern California.

And linking up today with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn cause I love those gals!


  1. The one about staring and thinking you have your sunglasses on is pretty funny. I always forget that I CAN stare when I have my sunglasses on.

  2. I love the Walmart one - yes sad but made me giggle!!


  3. I love the recipe one, that is totally me!

  4. That last one totally made me bust out laughing!!

  5. Oh man that Walmart one is bad. And I am wicked for laughing at it. hahaha.

    I forgot to include a button from IA and SS. Ooops. I will remember next time.

  6. Those are great. How have I missed out on this fun party? I'm such a loser!

    Thanks for linking up~

  7. The one about the staring is hilarious!!!

  8. Where can I find the ice cream salad? I need that lol

  9. Ok, that last one is freaking hilarious!!!!

    I would cut off my right arm for an ice cream salad!! HA!

    I always love when you do these.

    Thanks for linking it up!! oxox

  10. My in-laws both worked as greeters there and they were as old as the hills, so that status is accurate!

    Love the one about the sci-fi and recipe too. :)

  11. How fun! I love the Walmart one!

  12. Oh wow I vote for the sashes at Wal-Mart...ok that is wrong....:)

  13. Oh those are the best! The recipe one...I can totally relate! Have you ever read one of Rachel Ray's recipes? There's typically about 15-20 ingredients! Um, no, I don't think so!

  14. seriously, every walmart appears to have geriatric patients.. so true!! haha!! I've gotta start watching for funny comments like this to link up. I think Ellen gets some that people send in-- you should send in some of your favorites so she can say your name on tv!

  15. Awesome! I loved the Christmas Tree one. And people watching is my thing--dark glasses are a must!

  16. Love (and agree with) the one about the recipes! I'm just not a great cook. I like the easy way.

  17. dark glasses & contacts are the only way to go!

  18. The sunglasses thing happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! Ice cram salad...is this real? Or are you joking? My husband would pay millions for that for sure :)

  19. My favorite is the recipe one, I do that ALL the time, read it and they think 'nope'.

    I'm so sad...