Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Make a Tissue Paper Heart

Yesterday I showed you the Valentines Decorations hanging in my window and so yes, crafts two days in a row, but I wanted to show you these before Valentines day passes as these are so easy!

In this post I will teach you about the Tissue Paper Heart

Tissue Paper Heart

Tissue paper in desired colors (got mine from $ store)
Exacto Knife or something to cut cardboard
Elmer's Glue

1.Cut a heart shape from your cardboard. I folded my cardboard in half and cut out half of the heart (like they teach you in elementary school), it didn't cut all the way through the second side, but left marks so I knew where to cut.2. Cut your tissue paper into little squares (approx 1"X1") does not have to even or even neat

3. Place eraser of pencil in middle of tissue paper 4. Twist paper down around pencil (the more you twist, the tighter flower it will be)
5. Place dot of glue on end6. Place down onto cardboard, pull pencil away7. Repeat many many times- then enjoy!

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Note: I tapped string to back of heart to hang

I am linking up with the 14 days of Love craft party
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  1. I somehow would have ended up with glue and the tissue stuck to me LOL!

  2. Awww! I love it! The girls and I did something like this a couple of years ago, but we're slacking big time in the craft department these days.

  3. LOL at what Natalie said! me too. But I think I can handle it. It could be one those "expectation" "reality" posters though. Haha.

  4. Cool! I think I might be able to do that one. :)

  5. I love that!!! I bet my kids would enjoy doing something like this!!!

  6. Our v-day wreath for the door that I had made is so very old. I keep meaning to do a new one with none other than- tissue paper!- you may have inspired me to finally get the job done ;)

  7. Hey look a craft I could actually probably do :)

  8. This is exactly how I made mine last year only I used an old pink t-shirt instead of tissue paper. I let the bride-to-be keep it as a memory of her shower.

  9. Okay, seriously - how long did this take you?

  10. I am loving your craft projects! Thank you so much... I could use a few pointers on Valentine's Day ideas. Also, your pictures are great!

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