Friday, April 6, 2012

Power of Moms Virtual Retreat Giveaway

It's Friday. And is it just me or has this week been long for anyone else? It hasn't been a bad week, I just feel like I have never been home and things are piling up. But at least the papers on my counter aren't piling up as I am still following the MOM system from The Power of Moms

Why do I bring this up again-- because I have a giveaway for you my lovely readers!

I have been allowed to offer one of you a Virtual Retreat Package!! (A $95 dollar deal--oh and this introductory $95 price has been extended in case you don't win)

I told you all about the retreats last week- in my Took me Ten years to make my bed post-- you can click here to read that again if you want-- it truly truly has been a life changing thing for me.

So what do you have to do to enter- it's Friday so let's make it easy.

1) Go to the The Power of Moms and sign up-- totally free and you can start getting some access to great free material

2) Come back and leave a comment telling me you signed up (or already are) and you want to win!

See-- easy, not even going to make you follow me on Twitter, or on Pinterest, or any of that jazz. Because it's Friday and everything should be easy on Friday.

This will only be open through Sunday night-- the winner will be announced Monday-- so hurry and enter!

And here is a little sneak peak of some of the wonderful material you will be able to watch and hear from the virtual retreat-- This is April Perry one of the amazing founders of Power of Moms. And truly as I watched just less than 2 minute segment- some of the peace and hope and drive that I felt after leaving the retreat all came flooding back to me.

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow, thank you for this opportunity. I just read your post on "took me ten years" and I too do not make the bed, but it is because I leave so early and my hubby is still in it, but I have another similiar story with laundry. I can wash, dry and fold it, but getting ALL of it off the couch is slim and far between. I will do all the kids clothes, but still leave a few mis match socks. Again, thank you for this I have signed up on the Power of Moms website and would love to win this virtual retrest package. The video you posted absolutely grabbed me, thank you again.

  2. It has been long this week, but then my kids are on break. haha.

  3. D'oh! Do they have one for distracted moms! Cause I totally qualify there! And yeah...I am all signed up with the power of MOms. And even though I don't have to...I already follow you on Twitter. But it;s just cause I love you. :*

  4. I bet I would have to work a lot if I got this, huh?

  5. Peer pressure. I entered! :) Signed up.

  6. I am already signed up - I'd love to win!

  7. a great give away for sure!!
    good luck!!