Thursday, April 5, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: You Have Legs

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If you are friends with me on FB, then this might look a little familiar- but it was too good not to share and there is more!

Somethings just seem innately born into us like our (speaking to the women) mothering instinct. All you have to do is watch a bunch of little girls play with dolls and you know they just come that way. And well I guess Alex has it.

Me: "Oh shoot!"
Alex: "What?"
Me: "Oh just some of this meat juice squirted everywhere when I was getting it out of the package."
Alex: "That's okay. You have hands right? You can clean it up. At least you have hands and feet so you can walk. So that's a good thing right?"

All I could think was Wow.

But, this motherly instinct doesn't always win out with her- her inner-diva often sometimes rears it's ugly head, take last night at dinner.

We were eating ravioli with red sauce. Alex set her fork down on her plate at one point but it slid and the handle got covered with sauce.

Alex: "Oh no! Forky! (when she is in drama mode everything gets a y at the end) It's all messy and covered with sauce!" she wailed
Me: "Then just get a new fork."
Alex: "No! I want this one!"
Me: "Then get a towel and wipe it off."
Alex: "But then the towel would get all saucy!"

At this point Lucas handed Alex a clean fork.
"Mmmm, thank you" Alex said while hugging the new fork.

Me: "Miss, you are lucky you have a brother that takes such good care of you."

So yes, I can't complain about meat juice squirting since I have hands and feet after all- but heaven forbid sauce get on the handle of her fork.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?
The offending meat


  1. Ha! I love how you tempered her truly proud moment with a funny one.

  2. LOL that is too cute. What a good brother to give her a new fork.

  3. Ha ha oh that Alex....she's true to her red headed roots!

  4. I've a confession to make... I'm exactly the same if there's anything on the handle of my cutlery!
    What a good boy getting her a new fork though- it sounds like he really looks out for her :)

  5. Such a cute conversation! And nice brother for getting a new fork. I think my daughter would have just licked the fork and used a sticky fork!

  6. Your little Alex is TOO cute! That was sweet of Lucas to get her a new fork :)

  7. haha, cute...or stinkery...not sure ;-) Can't wait til my little guy can talk...I can only imagine what awaits me ;-)

  8. haha! That really did make me laugh out loud! Funny. Madeline often adds a y to the end when she's all drama too.

  9. LOL. She's such a trip!!! Something tells me she's heard the - You've got hands, clean it up! - line from someone before. ;o)

  10. I love that she told you to remember you have hands and feet. And I also love that 180 with the fork. hahaha. What a character she is. Drama for her? hehehe.

  11. It's a clear cut case of "do as I say, not as I do" - Definately a mom in the making (wink!).

  12. She's a very selective drama queen! ;)

  13. Girls are a total different creature, aren't they? LOL

  14. So cute!! I love hearing about your kids' conversations!

  15. She is a riot. I really want to meet her. Honestly, how are you not laughing all. the. time. with her? But I guess the drama and what not would not be nearly so fun if I were around it every day all day. I still think she is darling, though.

  16. That's awesome. I love when my kids remind me of what I need to be grateful for! And awesome about the fork too!

  17. Yes, at least you have hands and feet, don't forget that, lol!

  18. And they don't even get how they contradict themselves...not that I don't do the same thing on some level...not over sauce on a fork, but I know I totally do stuff like that on an adult level!

  19. My three year old can be so brilliant one moment and then act like a total 3 year old the next.

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  21. hehe, that's funny. I hate it when my food touches other food on my plate. It's super weird, since it's all going in my belly. We've all got our quirks! What a sweet brother. :-)