Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When Legoland is Closed....

Do you remember when I told you how right after school got out we almost had a Clark Griswold experience?   Thankfully we checked a day ahead and realized our plans of a surprise trip to Legoland would not work since Legoland was closed on that particular day.  But we still have fun and discovered a new destination- which I am telling you about on Becca of R We There Yet blog today.

R We There Yet Mom?

If you live in Texas you HAVE to check out her blog.  She blogs and reviews so many great places and destinations around Texas and then she has guest bloggers- like me today--that tell about other great vacation or day trip spots all around the country.  It really is a great resource for everyone.

So head on over to her place (just click here) to see what we did that saved the trip in the end. For my readers- leave your comments there as I will be checking them over there, thanks!!  And if you are here from Becca's welcome!!  I hope you look around and stay a while.


  1. Thanks for the guest post today Momma! It was FAB!!!


  2. awesome post now running over to visit texas

  3. You're so creative, Emmy, so I'll go see what you came up with!