Thursday, August 30, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: The Flopper

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Every Thursday!

I think a lot of my posts in the near future are going to revolve around soccer- as well soccer has become my life lately.  Well my kids lives, so in-turn mine.

My kids are all so different.  Lucas is by far the biggest on his team but that doesn't mean he is out there scoring the goals.  In fact, he would rather be hanging in the back on defense where he can analyze each play and move he makes.

Alex is also the biggest on her team and she likes to be right in it.   Staying right with the ball, possibly plowing some of the girls over....  she is focused.

Well unless it is a practice, and she has found a leaf which she will proceed to tear to pieces, while running around kicking the ball.  She also likes to tie knots into long pieces of grass, while running around and kicking the ball. And if it isn't her turn to participate in a certain drill she likes to let everyone know how exhausted she is by flopping onto the ground and then making not one, but three other girls try and pick her up while they all giggle uncontrollably.  

The poor coach wasn't sure what to do, after all Alex is one of the best players.  But this "proud" mama, she knew exactly what to do.

Threats whispered in the ear at the exact precise moment can go a long way.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. haha we mama'a know how to get results

  2. I've become the master of a sharply whispered threats during those moments. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one dishing them out!

    Hope all is well!

  3. ha's really do know best!

  4. My youngest daughter does that too... when playing outfield in softball she is kicking at the ground.... staring off at the distance... talking to someone.... basically not paying attention.
    Bribery seemed to work well with her.

  5. I love it!

    Cookie are also a good motivator.

  6. *snicker* But hey she can do a lot of things at once!

  7. a multitasker in the making right there!

  8. Moms do know best! Glad they are liking soccer!

  9. Ah, the art of the threat!
    I used to call Carl Malone the flopper...

  10. lol, nice timing to save that poor coaches day! Compliments to her multitasking!

  11. I bet that was quite the sight to see. Glad you were able to get her to stop with the mommy threats. :-)

  12. Kids are so fun...and so embarrassing to us parents. There were many times this past baseball season that Buster found the ground to be more exciting than the game. Silly kids.

  13. Oh that Alex...she stays true to her red hair! :)