Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

Did you know September is almost over?  My calendar does but the weather here sure seems to have forgotten!  We are going to still have highs of 99 this week- seriously??  All kinds of wrong.  Needless to say the weather is not going to make my list this month- but let's see what things did.

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Ten Things to Smile about is my monthly meme (last Tuesday of every month) where I look back and find ten things that made me smile, everything from a pretty picture to a child scoring a goal- whatever it may be that made you smile.   So grab the button (just copy all of the code in the box and paste it into your post) and join me for

Ten Things to Smile About in September

1. Story time and a tumbling class with Ryder
showing me his stamp he gets at the end of tumbling class
2. My new toy- crazy light
3. Kids did great in the church Primary program (more on Thursday)

4. Listening to Ryder talk all about "cornados" -i.e. tornados from the car crash game

5. Craft nights with friends where I made this cute sign (Instructions here)

6. Meeting my cousin's new baby and taking his pictures
This little guy is almost 5 weeks and was awake the whole time
7. Date night with Eric- the new Bourne movie and ice-cream! 

8. Craziest clouds I have ever seen! 
(Technically I saw these last day of August but missed last month's list)

9. This smile- which may have come because he was laughing as he kept spinning trying to make me get a picture of his butt

10. Saturday morning soccer games- even if it is really hot still

What made you smile this month? 

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  1. Those curls! What great curls! Those clouds are pretty cool too!

    Football...well, my son's love of it... made me smile this month!

  2. Definitely lots to smile about. There is something about teeny tiny babies that always makes my heart happy.

  3. that cloud was weird and way cool at the same time

  4. You have the cutest kids!

    What a sweet little guy you got to photograph! We are getting newborn pics of the new baby (first time we've done newborn pics). I can't wait! Technically I could probably do them, but I don't want to. ;-)

    Those clouds are CRAZY!

  5. Oh that baby makes me want another one. He is too cute!
    Your kids are just too cute. Those clouds are awesome!

  6. Those are some crazy clouds... they almost look like a UFO.

  7. Your cousins baby is soooo cute!!! I'm excited to have a newborn again soon!

    I love date nights! I'm glad you guys had a good one!!

    His smile in that pic is great--even if he was wanting you to get a butt shot!! Lol!!!!

  8. So much to smile about! Your cousin's baby is adorable... pictures like that really give me BABY FEVER!! ahahhh!!

    Those clouds are amazing...

    Great list!! :)

  9. Ohhhhh! So many things to smile about! Looks like a great month! :) Sorry I totally spaced and forgot to do the smiling thing - I'll start working on it for October - if I start now, I'll remember to do it at the end! ;)

    Teachers Do Make a Difference, Laptop Malfunction, #MaytagMom Update, Furby Wishes and Jennifer Aniston Love

  10. "Cornado" I love it! I miss that. Haha. Not enough to have another of course. ;)

    Lots to smile about!! :)

  11. WTH... are those real clouds??? It's kinda scary if you think about it! And that baby.. OMG... how adorable!

  12. Gosh you are a good photographer. I LOVE the shot from your newborn shoot (well, 5 month old shoot...whatever). And Lucas' smile! You got some great ones this month!

    Congrats on the new iPhone! You got it fast! Besides the size, is it much different from the 4S?

  13. Whoa! Can't believe you got the new iPhone already, lucky girl! And yeah, those clouds are wacky!

  14. That newborn photo is awesome Em! SO GOOD! I've been thinking about taking ones of Cooper, but I'm so tired, I haven't gotten it off the ground yet. I have plenty of time, I suppose, but I know now why people don't do their own babies. . . wish you could do Cooper!

    Your kids are so darling. Love all the pictures!

  15. Fantastic list!!!!!

    Are you guys going to Little Gym with Ryder? He is so adorable. All your kids are.

    Did you like the new Bourne movie??!

  16. I'm not sure which is my favorite, the new iphone or that you have your kids in gymnastics too! Currently loving the new iPhone a LOT though!

  17. All great things to be happy about! I get my new toy on Oct 5th, but that's because we had to change phone services and blah blah blah :) whatever I get mine :)

  18. What an amazing list!
    I gotta agree, those clouds are wild!

  19. 5 weeks and he was awake and posing like that? WOW … gorgeous!
    And I want the new iPhone so bad but have to wait until my upgrade. Grrrrr..
    Love the craft. That is so simple but so elegant.
    And those clouds … beyond freaky!

  20. For starters, your blog makes me smile! I'm pretty sure I smiled all the way through it. So you went tot he Bourne movie, man I want to see it was it good?? I think it's just crazy how fast the months are flying by. Seems like as soon as the month starts it's over. I smile continually, life's that good!

  21. Your pictures just made me smile. I have so many. my kids they crack me up all the time.

  22. Love those pictures! I didn't realize you had a new linky. I've been so busy I don't have time to comment most days. But I'm glad to see you again. I'll try to link up in the next few days.

  23. What a great list. Cant believe another month has gone already! The baby photo is so amazingly beautiful. They are so small and innocent aren't they xx

  24. That is a great smile and so glad you got a date night!

  25. Oh, Emmy... I think you're joking about soccer making you smile (wink)! But, I love these monthly lists of yours, always!

  26. #9 is totally something my son would do! :)

  27. That photo of the clouds doesn't even look real. Super cool! The grateful project is still on the top of my list of things to do this month. LOVE IT and can't wait to create my own. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  28. Those are some crazy awesome clouds! And I love your new toy. Want one, myself. Great picture of Lucas.