Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The H-Word

Yep- I am going there today, talking about the dreaded H-word...Homework.

How much homework do your kids get?  Mine-- way too much if you ask me.  Lucas who is in 2nd grades has 3-4 pages (mixture of math and English) each day PLUS practicing his spelling words for weekly spelling test PLUS memorizing a poem they say at the end of the week in class PLUS 20 minutes of out-loud reading.

Yea- way too much.

To help him get through this, we have involved candy, treats, laughter, tears- oh wait tears don't help- and me acting stupid of course.

Wait what was that last one?  You see, if Lucas is doing a math problem, which he is very good at.  He likes to ask me what I think the answer is.  Of course I know the answer- but if I say the right answer--- well then he gets all upset; however, if I throw out something like


Then he always says "Mom, no no- that isn't right, let me show you."

So yes, I am stupid for my son.

Even still- homework often makes us have faces like this.

Yep- homework, we don't like it very much.

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The Power of Moms

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  1. I love that picture!

    This year, Buddy doesn't have a ton of homework. One worksheet a night (Mon- Reading and answering questions, Tues- Math, Wed- Spelling, Thurs- Writing, no homework on Fri), and then we do read together each night at bedtime. He had way more work last year.

    I think it sounds like you are handling the homework situation well!

  2. That really does sound like too much homework to me. Ethan only has one worksheet, practicing spelling words, and reading for 20 minutes. I cheat though, because Ethan is such a reader, I never make him read out-loud. He just reads to himself before bed (which he always did anyway) and we count that.

    I really think that picture is cute, despite how hard homework is for you guys! Good luck with that every day battle!

  3. love the picture and yep homework is the big no no word here to

  4. It's really ridiculous anymore. I'd much rather they worked on it in school when the teacher is there to ask questions, cuz Lord knows parents don't always know them. (Especially when it comes to math, lol)

  5. I hate hate hate the homework! WAY TOO MUCH! I'm stupid for my kids too...but I'm not acting. LOL!

  6. That is way too much homework for kids and parents alike.

  7. I try not to complain too much about homework because next year, I will have 4 kids with homework and then I want to complain!!!

  8. That does sound like a little much for that age. I expect about 20 minutes worth … but I do like the reading time!

  9. I hate homework too. That was supposed to stop for me when college stopped! My son is also in second grade and he has a packet of math homework to do each week (he does about a page a night), 20 minutes of reading a night, "high frequency" words to review, and assorted random assignments every few weeks. And when he is not in the mood to do homeowrk, he is really not in the mood and it is no fun for either of us. For the first month of school this year there was no homework and it was awesome! I wish they'd go back to that again, or at least reduce the load.

  10. Great picture. I'm not looking forward to the homework stage.

  11. Public school or private?? My step-daughter used to get homework but that's because she'd hurry through her work and the teacher would make her take it home as homework to correct all her mistakes trying to teach her to slow down. not sure it worked though.

    I don't remember having that much homework in grade school, just words and possibly, possibly reading...

  12. It really depends on the teacher. That is A LOT! Ryan gets a packet for the week. and it works out to be about two pages of math, spelling, fluency reading, plus out loud reading. Emily has science and math the rest of her work is at school. Kristin it varies as she is on a block schedule so I am always confused and have to ask. Haha. But's a battle each day. I hate it. Thank goodness Emily is almost there (doing it herself) and Kristin is! Yay!

  13. You are such a great mom. I love how much time, effort, and energy you put into your kids lives. Now, how do you find time to blog, craft, go out with friends, go on dates, etc? You are supermom!