Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When a Toddler Resists a Nap

It is inevitable.  The time will come when a toddler who once slept so peacefully decides they no longer want a nap.

For Lucas- it was when he learned he could catapult himself out of his crib by raising himself up in the corner and hoisting himself over right around his 2nd birthday.   Thankfully after a switch to the toddler bed and a little trick of turning his doorknob backwards to "motivate" him to stay in his room, he did continue taking naps for another year.

Ryder is now almost 2 1/2.  He really has been my best sleeper of my three from the start.  I have so appreciated and loved it.

But then it happened.

Two weeks ago, he began his "tricks".  First throwing all of his blankets out of his crib and calling for me to retrieve them.  After he learned I was not going to keep giving in and he would be sleeping without blankets, he took his game up a notch.

"Mama! Me took my diaper off." I heard over the monitor one day.

My heart skipped a beat, visions of Alex once removing her diaper- her dirty poop-filled diaper- while in bed for her nap.  I ran up to his bedroom only to discover he had just taken his pants off, not his diaper.

"Ryder do not take your pants off." I said while putting his pants on then laying him back down.

And now-- well just take a listen to his latest trick.

Yep- "Mama, me crying" said in a calm upbeat voice.  Sneaky little bugger.

I will be using this post for my Proud Mommy Moment on Thursday.  Since Thursday is my birthday- I have another post in mind for that day.  However, your chance to (pretty please) link up will still be on Thursday.  


  1. You have to admit, it's cute!

  2. Poor little fella!! Ha! Yes, Davis started resisting the naps on Sunday. He actually DID not nap. He stayed in the room the entire time without sleeping. Longest day ever!

  3. That is just too stinking cute!

  4. I'm currently watching 4, yes 4, 2 year olds, so I'm hoping that not one will be doing this... ever!

    But he's pretty darn cute ;)

  5. Oh Emily...I'm so glad you wrote this up and made a little video...HA HA ...of course, as the grandmother, I think it is so so so so so so so cute. What a kid! Great ideas coming from Ryder!!! Well...you guys always said he is a good problem solver.

  6. He is so funny!! Buddy napped (religiously) until he was about 4.5 years old. Buster gave up naps when he was about 2.5. He would still nap at daycare, but on the weekends, when we were home, he would whoop and holler and play until it was much too late for him to fall asleep. It was really hard giving in and giving up on naps.

  7. That is really funny. My 3-year-old is starting to not nap every day now too. Good times!

  8. Ha! So funny. What a clever boy. Watch out for that one. What do you mean by turning the doorknob?