Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Of course I had to do the honorary 12-12-12 post as something like this isn't going to happen again for 89 years (at 01-01-2101) so I have to write a post mentioning it is 12-12-12 today.  It is also my oldest brother's birthday.  It is also going to snow in southern California!  Well at my kid's school at least. They are having a snow day- bringing in snow somehow to celebrate this momentous occasion.

When I was picking up awards at the Scout store the teenage clerk asked me if it was tomorrow (12/12) or later in the month that the world was supposed to end as he couldn't remember.

I told him it was the 21st.  Funny how a few years back when it was further away people made a huge deal about 12/21/12- the day the Mayan calendars end- but now that it is almost here you never hear anything about it.

My theory- because people like to be in denial of what is around them and what is happening around them.

By no means do I think the world is going to end next week.  But I do think people like to be blind to the craziness, the subtle changes, the shift of values and morals that is going on around them- it is easier that way.  But if you don't open your eyes now and then well something is just going to bite you in the butt.

So here's to a fun once in a life time sort of day and here's to keeping my eyes wide open.

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  1. I bet the kids are going to love their snow day!
    Happy 12.12.12 :)

  2. Snow day! What fun! I would love a white Christmas here :) And I have to agree with you . . . things sneak up on people sometimes because we're really not paying attention.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if I need to close my eyes a little be more ignorant of what's going on because it's scary. Of course you know this, you're on the FB page. :)

  4. There is a boy in our neighborhood, which we carpool with, who is turning 12 today! You seriously can't beat that! 12 on 12-12-12!!!

  5. A snow day? How fun! We still don't have any snow here. It was snowing this morning, but it didn't stick.

    And today is Buster's birthday. I love 12/12. ;-)

  6. Snow day... LOL!

    We have them often here and it's because the busses can't get through! Hope that your kids enjoyed their "snow day"!

  7. I don't believe that the end of the world will happen, but if it does, God will be on the other side of that. Truthfully though, he's the only one that knows :). I remember when all the computers were supposed to crash in 2000 :). And then a couple years ago they preached the end of the world was coming (in May) and then right down the road from where this guy was preaching this in Topeka KS a tornado hit. That was a bit strange/freaky.

  8. Happy 12/12/12 Friend!
    We know all about the world ending on December 21st. My daughter is a mess because of it. That is her birthday. I've tried to explain that the bible plainly states "No Man Shall Know" but she's still scared senseless.
    I'm like a previous poster, I think I want to be ignorant for awhile. It seems so much easier that way :)

  9. 12-12-12 is nothing.
    The big deal is the demise of the Twinkie.

  10. And here I let 12/12/12 pass without a thought. I'm a loser.

    And I'm pretty sure those Mayans just thought "OK, Bob. That is enough for now. We'll make calendars when we get there but we've got enough to keep us busy for a few years."

  11. Yesterday Bryson posted that people kept saying it was the end of the world, and then said it is the 21st people! I offered that perhaps they are dyslexic. ;) haha. Do you remember 2000...Y2K. That was supposed to horrible too. And yet, here we are. Same as always. December 22 will be an interesting day...or not.