Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Minted Will Make My Party Better

Concerts, church parties, nativities, neighborhoods with lots of lights, shopping, family, Christmas!

December is always such a busy but fun month and then January comes.  The parties are over, the decorations are put away and while there is some peace to the calm- I also start to get bored and miss the fun (and my house always seems too plain without the Christmas decor!!)

That is why this January I might just host a murder-- a murder/mystery dinner that is!  What a fun way to break up a long and cold (if you live somewhere cold) January.

I am going to order invites for this party from Minted.com.  I may even order some Winter Party decorations from them!
They have everything from personalized banners, personalized table signs, and even paper plates!  The thought of getting everything I need in just one shot sounds like heaven.

Did you know that Minted also has Holiday cards?
Like most other card sites they have hundreds of options to choose from.  Have you found yourself searching through all the options only to have your head spin at the end?

Well Minted has one of the coolest features on their site-that I personally have not seen on other sites- where you can upload the picture you want to use and then watch it appear in hundreds of options.  So no wondering if your picture will look good with a certain layout as while you are looking at the different choices your picture will already be there!  So as you are scrolling through you will see your picture instead of the stock photos that are usually there.  How cool is that!   Would save a ton of time this way!

So now off to write the guest list as someone is going to be murdered at my house in January.

Disclaimer: Minted.com is compensating me for this post.  All feelings and opinions are my own and truthful. 


  1. That party sounds like a blast that you'll be having. I have to say that based on what you've shown here, I'm quite impressed.

  2. What a cute post! We've done those parties with Todd's grandparents and cousins the last two years in January. They are so fun! Though we never decorated cute for it!

  3. I'll have to go over and take a look.

  4. I love the idea of uploading the photo to see which card will work best! A murder mystery party sounds like fun.

  5. I love EVERYTHING about Minted. Hands down.. one of the best companies for paper products.

  6. I wonder what kind of weirdo's will wind up on this post with the help of google... haha... j/k. Although I love the theme/idea. How do you even begin something like that!?!?

  7. That would be a great idea! I love the decor and a great way to stay connected the begining of the year. Can't wait to hear updates and see your decor.

  8. Oooh can I come, can I come? LOL. Sounds like it's going to be an awesome party.

  9. I hope it's a liberal.
    BAH! I had to say it. Sorry. LOL

  10. CUTE stuff! Wow! Why do I have to be such a sucker for chalkboard and glitter?