Monday, December 10, 2012

A Weekend

This weekend I watched the Savior be born

(or at least a reenactment at a live Nativity my church put on)

This weekend I learned that my husband doesn't really fit in a Fiat
If you have to duck your head to see out the windshield- you are too big 
That my son loves the Evo- though is favorite was the car that had 1000 horsepower and could make it to 250 mph in 39 seconds
Sitting in an Evo at the LA Auto Show
This weekend I shot a family at the beach
(No I am not a cimininal-I'm a photographer people remember!)
The sisters of the family
This weekend Ryder overcame his fear of walking on the pier all in pursuit of a bird

This weekend we enjoyed some yummy food a almost 2,000 feet into the ocean


Okay so we might have been in a restaurant on the end of the pier- but it sounds cool that way.

Pier At Night from the beach
What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Your weekend was magical. I adore every bit of it!

  2. What a fun weekend!

    We had Buster's 5th birthday party/Jdaddy's surprise graduation party on Saturday. It was a busy weekend for us.

  3. The picture of your husband in the Fiat! Hilarious! Could he even fit a leg into a smart car? :o)

    I love that picture of Ryder on the pier! It's beautiful!!

  4. Beautiful photos! :)
    I laughed at that pic of your husband in the Fiat. I wanted one SO BADLY until I got pregnant and then sat in one for the first time and realized that there was no way a baby seat was going in the back.

    The LA Auto Show is awesome! It looks like you guys had fun. :)

  5. Love the car pictures! Where are Eric's knees!? hahaha. Makes me think of a movie called Pillow Talk with Roc Hudson and Doris Day and he was trying to get into her tiny car and could not as he was too tall. It was quite comical.

    As for my weekend, I shopped for dresses and had major success. Two beautiful dresses at Ross and covers for under $80! Not bad! We did good. Ryan is about 85% better.

  6. Love those beach pictures!
    And your husband in the Fiat....that's hilarious. What about a smart car?? LOL!! Origami man.

  7. The photo of Ryder on the pier is beautiful!

  8. You had me wondering how you were eating that far out :). And yey for birds helping overcome fears! Now just don't let him watch the movie Birds (or whatever it was called)... lol :) That's a great photo of Ryder on the pier after that bird though!

  9. Your weekend sounds more much exciting than mine was. Just a head cold, waking up with the babe every two hours all night, and cleaning. THough I did enjoy concerts and christmas cookies too!

  10. What a great productive weekend! Your work is really beautiful. Love the pictures you take! Your hubby in the Fiat...hilarious!

  11. Birds will lead those little boys anywhere, won't they??! hah!!

    Love that picture you shot on the beach.

  12. Your beach photos make me long for a vacation!

  13. Love the picture of Ryder chasing the bird. And your hubby trying to squeeze into that fiat! :-)

  14. Whew … glad you didn't gun anyone down on the beach! : )

    And my friend has a Fiat … I don't think it is meant for tall men! He looks rather uncomfortable!

    Sounds like a great weekend.

  15. Looks like you had such a great weekend. The picture of your husband in the Fiat made me giggle.

  16. What a great weekend you had. :-)