Thursday, December 20, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: The Toddler

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"Be careful what you say! Ryder copies everything you do."

I find myself saying this a lot.  Ryder has totally become a little parrot lately and when you have two older siblings- well they aren't always the best examples.

But sometimes he figures it out on his own.

The other day during lunch; Alex being ever the lady that she is-- made a loud (fake) burping noise and then said 'burp'.

As I turned to give her the 'Miss you know better than that' look

Ryder made a noise and then said 'fart' and then started laughing and laughing.

Oh boy.   I was a very "proud" mama.

Why is it that kids think potty humor is so funny?

And something I want to document for my own journaling purposes.

Ryder has figured out plurals- sort of.

For example he will tell you that he see lots of "car-is"  and he loves "train-is" and he even would like to eat more than one cookie- or some "cookie-is"

I have no idea why he makes words plural this way.  I know it will stop at some point so for now I am just loving it.   And now he is asking me to go up- "stair-is" with him, so I had better go off and play.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?

P.S. Tomorrow is week 3 of the Review Extravaganza!  Still not too late to just jump in and join us.  I know for me personally looking back helps me realize that the bad and sometimes the good times can change so quickly- so to enjoy it all and know that the bad will pass.


  1. I love it. He is just too funny!!

  2. That must be a normal part of learning language because my kids did plurals the same way. There are some things they still say that way. It's so cute!

  3. Oh the toddler parrot stage... We're there right now too and I have to constantly remind people to be careful what they say!

  4. Oh man. You would NOT want me around when they do that because I just keep it going. LOL

  5. how funny and i'm like Mimi i would be laughing and having just as much fun i'm a bad influence on my own child

  6. awe, I love the plural-is! Last night I actually had to have a talk with one of my friends daughters about listening to her mom the first time. This morning I guess her brother wasn't listening and she asked if I needed to come talk to him too... lol :)

  7. What I want to know is why my husband finds bathroom humor so funny. haha


    He learned his plurals from Gollum. "We've never tried hobbitis" "do we eats thems whole?" Hahaha. Kristin did that for a long time. I remember she would says "taste-is"

  9. The potty humor starts young … and apparently they never outgrow it!!! I love that he cracked himself up. And I love those little idioscyncracies. I hope he keeps it around for awhile!