Friday, December 21, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012: Week 3

We have hit (and sort of passed) the halfway mark of the Review Extravaganza 2012!  This is our way of looking back 3 months at a time to review the year. I personally love looking back as time can really open up so much perspective in that the good and the bad times really do go so quickly- so just enjoy the ride!

I am not reviewing alone and have 5 wonderful bloggers who are hosting with me.  I love these ladies. Lourie-CA GirlMiMi-Living in France;Nicole-Life's a Beach; Mrs. Match-Date Girl DiariesJanette-Johanson Journey.

Even if you have not recapped with us yet, you still can!  You can either just jump right in reviewing July, August and September with us today, or can recap the first 9 months.  You will have through Wednesday to link up for week 3.   And of course there is over $300 in prizes you could win for recapping with us! (See all the rules and prizes here)

Here is my recap of July, August and September


I realized I had never told the whole store of my open heart surgery- and told you about Shone's Syndrome

We celebrated the 4th- Alex loved it-- Ryder not as much.

Got to meet two more bloggers in real life during my annual trip to Utah.
Amy of Involuntary Smiles, Me and Xazmin
We all got a good laugh from this pant-dropping video

Spent an awesome week in Utah with our annual family reunion-- which I recapped here, here and here (which has the bounce house blowing over incident!)-- this movie trailer sums it up pretty good

Lucas dove off the diving board and he had just learned to really swim this summer!


Showed you pictures from the maternity photo shoot I took

School started!  Cute 5-year video I made for Alex at that link.
I lamented about Alex changing her name.

Enjoyed a night at an Angels baseball game-with unlimited food!
Tried to get into the routine of the new school year, and library story time, and a tumbling class and soccer-- yea who says moms get a break when school starts!

I did enjoy a weekend getaway with my family and Lourie (CA Girl's) family though!
And I showed you my hidden talent!!


Lamented about how getting dressed can be hard

Soccer and school consumed our lives

Made a cute grateful sign at a girl's craft night

Told you about the time I fed Lucas garbage

Decorated for fall

And perfect way to end with a cute baby (my cousin's baby) that I got to shoot.

Can't wait to see your recaps!

And enter for your prizes

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  1. You got some much fun in before school started! I think we started around the same time....If I remember right.

  2. so much fun and that video was too cute

  3. I missed the post about your heart-and wow, that is an incredible story. I love that your mom didn't baby you later on, and that you don't have to worry about it now. Whew, pretty incredible stuff.
    Oh my gosh you and your hubby dancing is the CUTEST thing ever! It must be hard to dance with a partner so much taller than you. My hubby is a foot taller and he has trouble dancing with me-and it looks like you guys have an even bigger height difference!

  4. I forgot about her wanting to change her name. Does this still stand? I couldn't figure out where my Indio pictures were. Then I realized I had only used my phone on the August trip.

    I love the maternity pics of Rachel.

  5. The maternity photos make me wish I was pregnant again (or could go back and do maternity photos.) And the CUTE BABY. Oh my word.

  6. So my baby's 1st name is your middle name, spelled the same way...but we call her by her middle name and after reading Alex's story, I realize she may change that someday! Oh my!

  7. Oh my gosh that is so scary about the open heart surgery!
    You take such gorgeous pictures! I wish you lived closer :(
    Sounds like you got a lot of awesome family time in!

  8. I remember the swing dancing video! That one is kind of hard to forget! ;o) Happy Christmas to you and your family!!

  9. love the "grateful" sign... you're so crafty!

  10. No idea how I didn't comment on your bloggy post... I'm a slacker I guess :). This was a great summer and really year for your kids. So awesome that Lucas learned how to swim and go off the diving board! He'll be a regular fish next summer! Super awesome!