Monday, May 20, 2013

Elevate your Blog

Why do I blog?  Why do I take the time?   What does it mean to me?

These questions have been racing around my head a lot lately.  Lately blogging has felt a little more difficult, even too much at times. As I drove to the Elevate Blog conference a couple of Saturday's ago, I went with a mixed bag of emotions.

I had nothing to fear as the day was wonderful. The Elevate Blog Conference is a mini conference not designed to teach you all about blogging, though I did learn some things, but it is designed with the hopes of building friendship and self-confdience in this crazy blogging journey.   There was a lot of discussion on the why's of blogging and telling your story in your voice.

I love loved Ashely from Little Miss Mama's talk where she admitted that almost daily she says she is going to quit blogging; but then she remembers her reasons for why she does it (which everyone has their own why and reasons) and she keeps going.

The conference was at the beautiful Newport Dunes resort- we were right on the water!
Picture from Lora Knight Photography

The ladies in charge set everything up beautifully- it was like pinterest heaven.

I sat by the lovely Maegen from SAHMeagen; she and I were instragram friends but had never met.  Somehow I never got the picture with the two of us (for being a photographer I sometimes really suck at asking people to take pictures with me).  She and I are already planning a girls night as we had a great time getting to know each other.

They fed us, with cute place settings of course
They taught and inspired us (the conference organizers and speakers from the day)
Left to Right: Summer of Made by Munchie Mama, Jen of Delightful Deets, Kimmie of Sugar and Dots, Sarah of Little Penelope LaneAshley of Little Miss Mama,  Erin of Living in Yellow, Nicole of Yeung Mother Hubbard
We crafted!

On the left, wearing the hat is Sarah of Little Penelope Lane, who was one of the speakers.  I have actually met her before at a Power of Mom's Retreat.  I love her!  She is so sweet and kind and her story and her daughter Katie's story is truly inspirational.  They are both so strong with such a great outlook on life despite Katie's "extras" in life.

The string art craft I made!
We even helped serve by cutting out material for shoes for  Sole Hope.

The desserts after dinner were all almost too pretty to eat!  But don't worry I ate a lot.

We ended the night with giveaways from all of the wonderful sponsors and played some fun minute to win it games.  My team didn't win but we still had a lot of fun.

The amazing Lora from Lora Knight Photography took pictures and video all day, the watermarked photos are courtesy of her, the rest I took, plus she made this awesome video that recaps the day-- you have to watch and see if you can find me, hint: I was wearing red pants and white shirt and you can easily see me.

When it was time to go home, I left really happy.  I left relaxed, uplifted, met new friends and mostly importantly with a reminder.

A reminder of why I call myself a blogger.  I started blogging over four years ago mostly to share things with my family but then it became a place for me, a place to share my voice, a place to share life and reality with the silver lining to it; a place to hopefully inspire and lift up others.

Now I still blog for those reasons but I also blog because of you.  All of you who come to my blog, who help me know I am not on this journey alone.  All of your blogs that I read who have become my friends, some who I have even been able to meet in real life.

It is the bond, the connection... knowing that we are all out there doing the best we can and can being there for each other by leaving positive comments, leaving some words of support, being a virtual shoulder to cry on.. that is why I blog and that is why I will continue to do so.

Thank you to the Elevate blogging conference for helping me remember.


  1. I so live in the wrong part of the country. This looks like y'all had a blast!

  2. Fun! And beautiful area!

    You won the copy of The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D on my blog. Please e-mail me your address at and I will pass on your info to the publishers! Congrats!

  3. Yes... I most definitely live in the wrong part of the country!

    I was just thinking about why I blog recently and thought about writing about it too. I'm still processing the why part though.

  4. That looks like a really fun day, and they had a great turn out! The only speaker I recognize is Erin from Living in Yellow. Her blog is hysterical!! I'll go check out the others you linked to!

    I go back and forth all the time about whether or not I really want to blog anymore. I like to think I'll be doing this for years to come, but you never know. :o)

  5. Wow how amazing is that!? I just went to the Bloggy Bootcamp in Charlotte and had a fantastic time! I also after going and wonder where do I want my blog to go? Or if anywhere? Hard questions to answer!

  6. Sounds like a great refresher for you!

  7. What a fun day that was! I am so glad I got to see you again! Thank you for your kind words! That made my day! XO

  8. This looks like a fantastic blog conference. I've been thinking the same things lately...wanting to be sure that I'm doing things because I love it!!

  9. Oh man, I wish I could have gone. It looks like you had so much fun!

  10. That looks like a fun and supportive kind of gathering! A while back I tried to find out about other bloggers in Vermont, but with such a small state, it seems we are a bit spread out. I suppose if I want the support, I should "be the change" and organize one myself, right? Has to happen on a day when I'm not ready to quit blogging!!!! ;)

  11. Fun stuff Em! I mostly blog so I can make it into a picture journal blog book. lol. I only blog about half as much as I used to, and I think that's just fine. I didn't want to quit, but slowing down was good. :)

  12. You are such a sweetie! It really was an inspiring day! Great recap!

  13. You are such a sweetie! It really was an inspiring day! Great recap!

  14. Man oh man I'm so jealous! What a great time I've never been to a blogging conference or met bloggers in real life how fun! Hey I'm on Instagram what's your Instagram name and ill look for you.

    Glad you had a great time!!

  15. Oh this looks like so much fun! I was supposed to be there and had to sell my ticket a week before. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I love the project with the shoes! Maybe next year....

  16. That looked like a lot of fun! I'm so glad you blog ;)

  17. Oh my!!! Jealous isn't the word.. wishing I was there to meet you and be apart of such a fun day-- - check out that space you guys got to play and bond!! Awesome!! I love Ashley from LLM blog. I hope to some day get to meet you... facetime counts though, right?

  18. How fun. Blogging is always evolving.

  19. Women doing things with other women...can't think of much else that is so nice!

  20. That looks amazing! I wish I could have been there with you all-what a brilliant event!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz