Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Real-Life Birthday Post

Life is good...but it often doesn't go quite as planned.

Last week Ryder turned 3.  All day long he kept singing happy birthday to himself; he was excited.  He could not wait until daddy got home so we could have cake and sing happy birthday.

He requested a train cake-- which I happily made for him.
My original plan was to cut the cake into a number 3 and then make trains, sky, etc on that... but since the cake cracked when I got it out of the pan (look for the dents in the sky) plans were changed as real life kicked in.

Eric made it home, we ate dinner and then it was present time.

We asked Lucas and Alex to stay back and let Ryder open his own presents...
Real life snuck in....

Luckily he was still happy and didn't seem to mind too much

He loved the little piano from his brother...
Which the top lid may have already come off thanks to everyone wanting to see it and moving it around incorrectly one too many times..... real life kicked in

He was so excited to blow out his candle that he blew it out before we even sang happy birthday.  We lit it again, he happily danced and sang along

And then.... well watch to see what happens...

Yep-- real life kicked in.

The guilt/I am up to no good- look on her face when we relit the candle a second time says it all.

Real life kicked in.

It was a a wonderful birthday and he loved it... real life and all.

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  1. Love it! Real life is what memories are made of. Happy Birthday to Ryder!

  2. Too funny!! He actually did pretty good. Nick would have hauled off and hit Jack, or vice versa.

    Happy birthday to Ryder!

  3. Awww, happy birthday Ryder!!!! Amazing job on the cake, Emmy!

  4. Your cake turned out amazing!! If photography doesn't end up going as you planned, maybe cake decorating should be in the running. So cute!!! Alex is so funny- the look on her face when she realized she made a boo-boo.. hah. Sweet Ryder. My kids can't help but to open each others things. That's why we usually open presents after parties when no one is around- Ryan still wants to help. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  5. Looks like a great birthday!

  6. What a cute cake! I would have never noticed the dents in it if you hadn't pointed them out.

    He turned on the tears just as fast as Andrew does! Seriously, it was like watching my own 3 yr old there.

  7. Little Ryder handled it pretty well, though.

  8. Ok - first off, what a darling cake!!! and that video had me cracking up, loved the cha,cha,cha then the turn of events with the whole blowing out the candle by big sister! HA!! Oh how funny! You're right, that is real life!

  9. It's the real life creeping in that actually creates the memories, don't you think?

  10. I think the cake turned out so cute! I never would have even noticed the "dents" in the sky. It's SO CUTE. Perfect! Love it! And I think that little video is really cute, yes, real life! It's good to remember that the kids have fun despite the real life. Sometimes I get too high of expectations and I think things are ruined when the kids don't at all!

    Happy Birthday to Ryder!!

  11. He is just the cutest ever! Hugs and Kisses to Ryder

  12. That is some sweet birthday fun! Your cake looks amazing, just as they always do! And that pout - priceless!

  13. That cake is awesome! My train-loving 3-year-old son would love it. It looks like it was a fun and very "real" celebration. Happy birthday to Ryder!

  14. Hahaha!!! Oh my, this is exactly like my house!! Right down to her "pouty face" and everything.
    He's so cute! Glad he had a good birthday :)

  15. Awe, happy birthday (late) to Ryder. He's such a cutie! Are you going to enjoy his 3's?

  16. Awww! I'm glad he had a good birthday! Happy belated birthday, Ryder!

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