Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morals and the Morning After Pill

Us humans are pretty powerful creatures.  We have the power to create, the power and ability to make choices that can change everything.   Our words and actions can help build up someone to do good and be successful or that power can be used for just the opposite, for pain, to hurt or even to take a life.

If I were to ask you what is the worst crime that someone can commit; I think the most common answers would be murder.

For me there is no doubt it is murder.  That power that someone yields in taking away someone else's life, something that can never be fixed or undone, is truly the worst thing they can do.

On the flip side, if murder is the greatest most evil use of someone's power, what would be the best greatest use of their power?  The answer: bringing or creating life.

Last week, rather quietly, the law was changed which will now allow the morning after pill to be bought right off the shelf and all you have to have is an ID proving you are 15-years-old to buy it.


No parental consent needed, no need to contact the parents.  If you are 15 and have an ID you can walk right in and buy it.   Though many don't think that is enough and want to abolish ANY age restriction.

I remember myself as a 15-year-old.  I had a boyfriend who I was "in love" with.  At times I probably even thought we would get married someday.   I was so young and immature.  Too immature to realize all of the unhealthy aspects of our relationship.   Too immature to realize how in just a few shorts years I would be a completely different person one who would not be happy with this person.

Oh, I thought I was big at 15.  I thought I was mature enough to know better than my parents.  I thought I was happy, I thought I was on top of the world.

It was a lie.

Now I think of 15-year-olds being able to walk in and say, hey made a mistake, no big deal I can take care of it with no one ever knowing....

Fifteen-year-olds who we don't allow to drive, don't allow to vote or serve in the military are now old enough and mature enough to make this decision without anyone else ever knowing?   No need to tell their parents, as heaven forbid we actually make and let parents do their job and actually parent and raise their children.

'You are naive, kids are going to have sex.  It is better than another teen pregnancy'-- I can hear the comments now. I am not naive; I know that teenagers have sex, I know teen pregnancy is a problem.  I know some will have abortions, some will keep the baby and love it, and some will keep the baby only to lose it to the state as they cannot care for it.  I have seen all sides of this issue.

The decision to allow this upsets me the most because what it implies and indicates of the moral fabric of our society.

If it feels good do it, if it makes you happy it is good, it is your life, your body- do what you want; oh and don't worry we have a way to make sure there are no consequences for your actions.  Yet, in the same breath people claiming that it is my body my choice will say things like "it takes a village to raise a child".  Doesn't anyone see the complete irony in this?  It is my choice, I get to do what I want but society needs to help me and take care of me.

It cannot be both ways.

Society cannot be based on the grounds of 'do what feels good, do what you want', as that is slippery slope with no where to land!

Society no longer seems to have a moral ground.  Nothing solid to fall back on.  No foundation.   A building without a foundation cannot stand, cannot survive; even a building with a weak foundation will not survive a disaster.

'Your morals are old fashioned, so out of date!' critics may say.

So what!  What if they are?  At least I have a foundation and principles.  Principles of working hard, principles of being responsible for my actions and knowing once I make a choice and commit an action, I don't then get to choose the consequences.  My choice comes with the first action; after that I don't get to decide and change natural consequences.

Where is society's foundation?  The more things are pushed and the more things that are accepted because it feels good, because it is "my choice", because it 'makes me happy' then there is soon no foundation at all.   There will be nothing to keep it all together.

It will collapse.

This new law might seem like a little thing, the media barely took time to mention it, but so does every little change.. just one more little slip, one more crack, one more cornerstone taken away- until one day everyone will wake up and realize there is nothing.

I don't want to fall.   I will speak up and do my part to raise red flags and say yes there is an absolute truth and it is the only thing that will keep us safe.   Yes I am free to make choices but I am not free from the consequences.  

Now to any whom this post may have offended,  I am sorry.  My intent was not to offend or call out any one person.  I am so far from perfect.  I fail and try again and fail and try again.   My intent is to send out a wakeup call; to say enough is enough.  We cannot keep pushing the line.  We cannot keep saying it is okay.  A line needs to be drawn, a foundation needs to be built, strengthened and lived by.  Not just any foundation either. Current trends, fads or cultures are not strong enough; it has to be more. It has to be eternal.

It is the only way.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better! Thank you for speaking truth!

  2. Oh wow. 15. FIFTEEN! It makes my stomach turn over. In a month I'll have an 11-year-old and her pediatrician has already been recommending the HIV shots, you know the ones you see on TV where the kids are all chanting, "I wanna be one less, one less..." What the heck...she's 11! What does her doctor think I let her do?!? Why can't kids just be kids anymore?

  3. It is a sad day. 15 year olds are hardly mature enough to realize the gravity of those choices.

  4. I like old fashioned! I wonder if other countries deal with the things we deal with... ie teen pregnancies.

  5. Wow, you said it so much better than I ever could! I remember being 15, and thinking I could handle anything. Now 15 seems so young. A huge part of our problem today stems from children being left with no guidance from parents. And here's one more way to enforce that idea. So sad.

  6. Well written and well said, Emily!!! Standing for truth has never been easy but is so worth it. Truth can never be dumbed down or ignored. Thank you for sharing your convictions with such power and dignity.

  7. Great post girl...and yes why can't our kids just be kids? I am not naive to the fact that 15 year olds have sex but I feel like by making this available will cause them to be more careless b/c they think they have a back up.

  8. Amen, sister! Couldn't agree more with what you're saying--it is a sad, scary world we live in..

  9. You are so right, we are living in the equivalent of the biblical church of Laodicea, which translates to "people's rights, people's rules." So many have made their own truth and my heart breaks that there will come a day when they realize just how wrong they have been. Great post.

  10. No dissent so far! I'm amazed and proud of you for standing up!

  11. I hear your voice and I understand. My daughter turns 14 and the next few years terrify me because I remember the kind of teen I was. When there was a void in my life I figured I needed a boy to fill it. The sad thing is, all those voids were just a crazy flux of hormones and nothing more. Adding more hormones to such sensitive souls will never help anything... going to get the Pepto Bismal now.

  12. I really admire you for sticking to your beliefs.

    I worry about the message making this pill so easily available to our kids sends. I'd really like to think my kids won't be having sex at that age. But if they do, I want them to think about things like responsibility and not just think oh well, we can be irresponsible tonight and my girlfriend can go take a pill tomorrow, no big deal. It seems to trivialize the decision to have sex and to do so responsibly.

  13. Oh my gosh Emmy you are so right and I'm with ya all the way sista! I didn't have daughters but my husband and I raised our boys to respect girls. My best talks were when we were in the car. They would be like, "mom we heard this a 100 times. And I'd be like, 'well your going hear it 101 times.'

  14. i'm sorry that i can't make a more thoughtful comment but this hit way to close to home for me to even think much less comment..sorry

  15. I've debated commenting, as I have a view that is different from yours and those that have already commented. You know me, and you know that I respect every persons feelings and thoughts, so hope you take this comment as it's meant - from someone on the opposite side.

    By the age of 15, I was in the 5th year of being abused, and pregnancy was an extreme worry of mine. It was not an option for me to tell my parents of the abuse (long story for another day), and so I was responsible for taking matters into my own hands. There were many times that I had to walk my own self into the drug store to purchase my own pregnancy test. No, it shouldn't have been like that, but those were the cards I was dealt. For me, the morning after pill would've created an immense amount of safety and and reassurance for me. I can say that in my situation, it would've been beneficial to have this option.

    But as I do for everyone that speaks their feelings and thoughts, I applaud you for speaking your truth. I know that it's not easy ... good for you, for doing so!

  16. I agree and it makes me sad that there will be 15 year olds that will abuse the availability of the morning after pill. Just like everything else it can be abused. In instances of rape or abuse I absolutely agree with the morning after pill, and maybe something like who takes the morning after pill should be tracked and maybe we can try and crack down on abuse and rape in this country because it just breaks me heart and makes me absolutely sick. I feel so helpless I feel like there is nothing that can be done, what's going to happen is going to happen and people like me who wish for a better world for my children is helpless against the evil that is out there. It makes me happy on the other hand to know that there are people out there with my same values and views. For that I am greatful!

  17. I was very angry when I heard this on the news. I can't believe it passed! The decay and crumble of our society and government really has me alarmed and a little bit scared. I am not sure how to teach my children adequately enough to prepare them for the evil that will surround them. I agree with your sentiments exactly, and am a little sad that you had to add that disclaimer. I honestly cannot see how anyone could get mad at you for your opinion, but I know there are crazy people out there who would. Sigh. Moral decay is evident.

  18. Whether one believes it's right or wrong to have the option, I'm just not sure that at age 15 you're doing much of anything that's well thought out! If the Planned Parenthood clinics require notification to parents of minors, so should this translate to a morning after pill.

  19. Great post, so well said! Why can't kids be kids - a 15 year old is on the cusp of adulthood, but still a soul that needs guidance and nurturing. So much in this world just makes my stomach turn.

    (side note: so happy to have met you yesterday! xxoo)

  20. It isn't often that I find others who share my beliefs! Job well done for sharing!

  21. So true. I'm frightened for where this country is heading...and they don't see what bad place it is heading! I fear for what kind of a world my kids will have to grow up and live in. It's too bad this generation is all about me me me and doing what they want and being able to get away with it. It's frightening.

  22. I agree 100%. "Society" has no moral foundation. It's built on what the people want. Sadly, the majority think early sexual activity is harmless. this is the extension of the 60's mentality to do what you want. I don't know how we'll turn it around. Only by coming to terms w/ God's design for human sexuality and realizing that His plan is trustworthy will things change. Good job, girl!
    from The Dugout