Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Things to Make Me Happy Right Now

I am spending the week in Chicago visiting family so I thought I would take this week to introduce you to some bloggers I love.  It will be a great week of awesome guest posts so make sure you come back to enjoy them all and get to know some new ladies.

First I get to introduce you to Maegan from SAHMaegan.

Maegan is a mom of one adorable little guy, she shares recipes, books she likes, and cute pictures of her little guy.  I hadn't read Maegan's blog until very recently; she and I met when we had seats next to each other at the Elevate Blogging conference; we started talking and ended up talking throughout the day and are already planning some girls nights together!  Enjoy her post, leave some comment love and definitely check out her blog.

Hi there! I'm so happy to be here on Emmy's blog today, what a treat!  I met Emmy about a month ago at the Elevate Blog Conference and we had a great time together.  We emailed after that we were sad we lived so far apart, but as it turns out, we only live 1/2 hour away from each other.  Crazy, and awesome!  So we're meeting up in a couple weeks for lunch and pedi's ... girls day!
Emmy has a fun monthly link up called "10 Things to Smile About" so I thought I would go that route with my guest post contribution today . . . here are

  10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now!

  1. Dry Roasted Edamame Wasabi flavor.  Hot and spicy?  Heck ya, but I can't stop munching!!
  2. Toddler soccer!  While it doesn't start for another couple weeks, I'm super excited for "mommy & me" soccer this summer with my little.  He's 3.5 and he loves to run, kick, headbutt; this should be perfect for him.
  3. Instagram.  I'm totally addicted, it's like quick blog updates in little fun pictures. Confession - I check IG before I get out of bed. (I'm @SAHMaegan)
  4. Salmon Panzanella.  One of my favorite go-to recipes, but I make it more in the summer than any other time of year.
  5. Poppy Cat.  Our just turned 1 year old kitty, she is a furball of joy and happiness.  I love her.
  6. Michael K. Reynolds.  He is just a superb author, his first novel Flight of the Earls blew me away (my review here), his second novel In Golden Splendor (sequel!) releases July 15th.  I've pre-ordered and I can't hardly wait!  Do you like historical fiction?
  7. Exercise.  I run a lot, sometimes solo and sometimes with the jogger stroller, I do Jillian Michaels cardio programs, I've just started P90X, if I don't have the energy for an intense workout then I just go for a brisk walk (pushing the jogger stroller for added resistance) ... when I finish P90X I'm going to join the local Y so I can take up swimming again.  Exercise, it does a body good!
  8. Vacations on the horizon!  We're going RVing for 5 days over the 4th of July holiday, going to Chicago for a week in August, and we've just started talking about a quick 1-2 night trip to Vegas this summer, sans toddler.  Working on the grandparents, hoping we can get that on the agenda.
  9. Pyrex.  I first saw it on Instagram (of course) but now I'm seeing it at the Good Will and local thrift stores.  It's become a fun hunt to find a good piece of Pyrex (I've passed over many that have, sadly, seen better days) and my collection is growing.  Also making me smile, finding a piece for crazy cheap!
  10. The Bible.  I started a "read the bible in 2 years program" this year, so far I'm on track. But most importantly, I'm really enjoying it, savoring the message, learning and re-learning bible stories; strengthening my walk with Christ. It's been a beautiful thing.
  11. My cousins wedding!  This weekend I get to be with family members near and far as we celebrate my cousin, Steve, getting married.  Yay!!
  12. Suits!  The return of Suits on July 16th, I can almost taste it it's so near.
  13. Gel Manicures.  Need I say more?
OOPS!!  I was only going to mention 10, I got carried away ... so there's 13.  And since a blog post is not complete without pictures, here's a fun little collage of some pics from my IG feed.
 photo igcollage_zps5b8c73c9.jpg
I hope you enjoyed my happiness post, hop on over my blog or find me on Instagram, I look forward to meeting you!  Happy week!

Thanks again Maegen!!  You can find her at the following locations:


  1. We are going to visit family next month. I am excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

    Hope you have a great trip.
    Sara @ The Hickman Five

  2. love finding treasures that are cheap, Gel manicures awesome and haven't seen the show suits will have to try it

  3. Cute post, Maegan!! I just love that you guys go RVing--your son has such wonderful parents and will have so many memories to cherish <3

  4. How cool that you live so close! I met someone on Twitter and we talked FOREVER and didn't realize we live less than five minutes away from each other for weeks. Now we hang out all the time!

  5. Where do I start? I'm glad you included a pic for Suits... I was like why is she excited about wearing a suit? LOL! I work in TV but I don't watch much of it. Sad.

    The edamame and salmon sound DEELISH!

    I need to up my Bible reading. I was starting on a new reading program and have totally slacked off. Thanks for the reminder to get to it!

  6. love finding thrift shop treasures!!! And I've learned something new- never heard of Suits before. Thanks for sharing :)