Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday 5: Rides, Wedding and Computers

Time for Friday 5! (#Friday5) Your chance to share 5 things/thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  It is a great way to share those little things that don't quite need a post of their own.

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Every week I have a guest co-host, this week it is Amber of Amber Nicole.  Amber is a mom of three and a military spouse who blogs about life honestly.   She also shares outfits, beauty secrets and tips and tricks for the little things in life.

I asked Amber 5 questions.

1. How long have you been blogging? Why did you start blogging?   I'm honestly not even sure how to answer this question. I've been on blogger for a few years but before that I used to ramble on Myspace, LiveJournal & even on OpenDiary back in the day.  I've always loved to just write and ramble. 

2. What is your favorite food?  
My favorite food has to be a good salad!  Lasagna would be a close 2nd. 

3. If you were given $1000 and told you had one day to spend it, what would you buy?  
If I had $1,000 and didn't have to pay bills or buy food with it (that's honestly probably where it'd go), I'd probably blow it on random home decor, food, outside toys for the kids, shoes and clothes. 

4. What is the best blogging advice you have ever received?  
The best blogging advice I've ever received..... hmmm.... I don't even know. 
-don't take it too seriously. 
-put yourself out there. 
-put your heart into it.

5. What is a favorite movie?  
Hands down, Grease.   Followed by Elizabethtown.  I don't know why but I could watch that movie a million times.   And Grease-- I just love a good musical. 

You can find Amber on her blog

5 Things

1. I started writing my book again more lately!  I seriously just would draw a blank anytime I thought about it, but this week the ideas started rushing back.  One of these days I will have to share a little bit, it is definitely in the very rough not even finished stage though.

2. I am going to photograph my first wedding reception tomorrow night, I have always said I don't shoot weddings... this is just a backyard reception and very last minute, so we will see how it goes. 

3. Last Friday Eric and I had an awesome time at Six Flags, it was a private party night.  We rode 7 rides (less than last time but it seemed a bit more crowded).  We went with one of Eric's co-workers and his wife and the poor guy gets horrible motion sickness.  He was drugging up before hand, but still got sick. Thankfully not on a ride and he even went on a few more after the fact!  I wish I would have bought one of the pictures from the rides.  The two guys were in the middle with screaming scared faces, and the other wife and I are on the outside looking all happy.  In fact, every picture I am there just smiling away happy as can be.

4.  My kids only have one more full week of school!  I am ready for summer. 

5. My husband took apart my MacBook and added a bunch more memory for me. I am a happy mama now as I am not getting the memory almost full message every other day.  Darn pictures take up so much space. 

5 Pictures
Eric and I in line at Six Flags- just don't look closely at my grays- seriously don't
Love that the trolley at the mall is still fun for them
Making my kids work for their dinner... just kidding they love helping out
Pretty flowers in our yard
Told him to give me a tough/game face

Do you like roller coasters?   

Come join in the Friday 5 fun and definitely head over and check out Amber's Five.


  1. I love a vacuumed car...the outside can be filthy but I love a clean inside. Do you rent them out?

  2. I am waiting for the next really nice weekend to do a detail on our vehicles. I may dragoon the boys into helping this year.
    I really wish we lived closer to an amusement park. I enjoy the rides.

  3. That is the cutest picture of Ryder ever! LOVE IT! Good luck with the wedding reception shoot. I'm excited for you. I bet it will be tons of fun and I know you'll do a great job! Can't wait to see some of the pictures.


    1. Thank you, it ended up being really good

  4. Oh my goodness...what gorgeous of luck at the wedding

  5. Only one more week?! Lexie still has 7! Sheesh. I'm ready for her to be home, too!

    Good luck at the wedding shoot - I'm positive you'll do great. And now you'll have the space to store those pretty pictures! I know exactly what you mean about the memory. Now that I come home from every trip with 900 photos, my computer is getting crowded! I try to cut down each trip to 300 or so when I weed through, but that's a tough job!

    1. Yes, I always end up transferring pictures to your Mac Mini (which has 4 terabytes of extra memory hooked up to it) as my MacBook gets full, though now that Eric got me more memory for it it is a lot better.

  6. Good luck with you wedding shoot and your book! I'm always amazed by people who have the ability to write. Your day lilies are gorgeous and what a fun date night! Have a great week!

    1. Well I hope I have the ability to write ;)

  7. I love roller coasters, just saying :). So it's awesome you went to Six Flags. A couple years ago we went to Silver Dollar City (the SW MO version, ha! of Six Flags) and we road a rollercoaster that was new. So... get this... I had a sports bra on under my shirt. The roller coaster was so fast it blew my shirt down and the picture showed my sports bra. Everyone still talks about that and we all wish we'd have actually bought that picture. Looking at it you'd have thought I just had an undershirt on but it was hilarious!

  8. How did the wedding shoot go? I love weddings!