Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 Things to Smile About This Month

There are a bunch of days left this month, but it is the last Tuesday, so time for 10 Things to Smile About This Month!  If you don't have your list ready or want to wait until the month is actually over, the linky will be open 2 1/2 weeks.

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10 Things to Smile About in June

1. Summer break and all it's glory of sleeping in, lazy days and just having fun!

2. Free Donuts!

3. Father's Day and the man who is the father of my children and my best friend

4. My parents being in town visiting

5. Celebrating 13 years of marriage and doing so with an awesome weekend getaway!

6.  Successful swim lessons for my kids, so happy the oldest two can swim good now!

7. The little things in life- like playing beauty parlor with Alex

8. Beach Trips

9. Yummy food from one of the many times we've eaten out this month.. having family in town almost all month leads to lots of times eating out

10. My toothless wonder!  (And the fact that the tooth fairy remembered to come on the night that Eric and I were away for our anniversary getaway!)

What made you smile in June?  Lots of time to join the fun and link up!


  1. Hmmm... did the toothfairy give her more since you guys were out of town... lol :). Looks like you had a GREAT month! I wanna go to the beach, kinda envious!!

  2. So much fun! And I'm excited for it to continue together!! You guys are going to be pooped by the end of this summer! :)

  3. Okay, you have had an awesome month! Hope July is just as fabulous :)

  4. I love, love, love how you pack so much fun in!

  5. Doughnuts are always a reason to smile! I had some this past weekend for the first time this year. They were amazing! :)

  6. I can't believe how quickly June went by! Your anniversary trip looked like such a blast! Hope you're enjoying your family vacation!

  7. Oh how I love this meme, especially since I've been a bad blog friend and haven't had a chance to catch up with you. Happy anniversary!! What a wonderful way to celebrate! Aw, love Alex's little gap tooth smile! So sweet. Can't wait to get back to the ocean. Wish we lived closer to it!

  8. It looks like you had a wonderful month! June flew by so quickly!!!